EP 51 | Profit Boss® Radio | Freeing Yourself from the Prison of Debt with Everyday Heroine, Kelly

We’ve got an excellent Everyday Heroines episode for you this week on Profit Boss® Radio. This time I’m speaking with Kelly, whose lax money habits from her early 20s landed her in a stressful 25-year cycle of debt and uncertainty. Now, having sought help to finally improve her understanding of money and establish healthy spending and saving, she’s debt-free.

This episode is a great one for anybody wrestling with feelings of failure or inadequacy around money, but it’s also educational for you parents out there who are wondering how to ensure that your children don’t grow up with a sense of entitlement around finances. Kelly and I touch on the technical aspects of getting out of debt, but her insights on the emotional side of money is especially helpful.

In the interview, Kelly takes us through her early money memories and the reasons she hated focusing on money. She talks about what those 25 years of constant debt were like, and how she finally reached out to a financial coach who helped her reform her treatment of money.

Kelly’s story is an inspiring example of how the right mindset, tools, and support can help you clear away debt faster than you might imagine.

Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why Kelly still struggled to do basic things like balance a checkbook, despite her parents having strong backgrounds in math and money management. 
  • How Kelly told friends that she’d rather make enough money to not have to worry about managing it (all while she was swimming in debt).
  • How practical cash management tools, combined with financial coaching, helped Kelly pay off over $25,000 of debt after living on her credit cards for 25 years.
  • Some of the external and internal roadblocks Kelly’s financial coach helped her break through.
  • How she finally saw what was possible for her life, including the ability to choose home ownership (or not!).

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