EP 119 | Listener Stories: Recovering from Financial Infidelity

EP 119 | Profit Boss® Radio

Profit Boss® Radio listener stories are some of the most inspiring and, yet, pragmatic financial experiences I am privileged to cover on the show.

Today’s Listener Series episode features Jenna Missanelli. She bravely shares her story about how financial infidelity in her marriage contributed to her eventual divorce and how her financial recovery has completely transformed the second half of her life.

Her story is not dissimilar to others who face financial strife in their own relationships. No matter what you have been through or are going through, Jenna’s story is a reminder to us all that there is always hope to turn our circumstances around and reach financial success

Tune in to this week’s installment of Profit Boss® Radio to hear her powerful story and the biggest financial lessons she learned from her journey.

What You’ll Learn from This Episode

    • What financial infidelity is and how Jenna came to discover it in her marriage
    • The circumstances leading up to Jenna deciding, “Enough is enough!”
    • Why financial infidelity can’t be ignored and how it can poison all aspects of life
    • In hindsight, what Jenna would have done differently regarding managing finances with her spouse
    • The biggest lessons Jenna learned from her experience
    • How Jenna transformed her life and how she manages her finances today
  • Financial disciplines Jenna lives by today that all Profit Boss® Radio listeners can also use

Brief Summary of Jenna’s Story

Jenna’s story is one that you will want to listen to. What you’ll find out when you tune in to my interview with her is that Jenna was pregnant with her second child and applying for a mortgage for a larger home to accommodate her growing family when she discovered financial infidelity in her marriage: her husband was not managing the finances the way she was led to believe.

Over the five years that followed her discovery, Jenna was confronted with a difficult situation that involved lies, broken promises, misleading information, damaged credit, financial dysfunction, damaged personal relationships, and emotional abuse.

When Jenna questioned the clear financial mismanagement, she was made to feel like she didn’t know what she was talking about. And even after Jenna tried to help them overcome financial distress with the help of both their parents, things just continued to unravel. Jenna came to realize that she couldn’t live this way. After enough time, Jenna realized the only thing she could do was to remove herself from her marriage and the destructive financial path it had set her on.

You’ll hear the details of what consisted of the financial infidelity in her relationship, as well as the biggest lessons she learned from her experience. Some of the biggest takeaways Jenna shares in this episode:

    • How she addressed four of the 7 Steps to Wealth:
        1. DECIDE: Jenna decided that she wasn’t going to put up with financial infidelity anymore.
        1. SPEAK: Hear Jenna’s empowered language about money and how she learned to start talking about her finances.
        1. PLAN: Jenna planned how she would pay down debt (and stuck to it)
      1. ASK: Jenna realized what she needed in her life and made it happen through a series of powerful conversations and decisions.
    • The importance of being involved and aware of finances – and to take control of your financial education
    • How the assumption her husband would handle the finances for her family like her father had done helped lead to her being detached from the finances for so long
    • How she dug herself out of debt by working with a credit repair company and working with her mortgage company
    • Why she doesn’t use credit cards anymore and how she lives in a cash-positive state now
    • How she brings in more income to cover the extra little things she wants to do in her life
    • Why being patient is so important to sticking with a financial plan
  • What is helping Jenna sleep better at night in this new life she has created for herself and children.

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