EP 38 | Profit Boss® Radio | How Lauren Greutman Paid off $40k in Debt and Recovered from Over-Spending

Everybody in our Profit Boss® community has a unique financial journey. And for some of us, we had to hit rock bottom before we got re-educated about money. Our guest Lauren Greutman experienced the stress of never having enough, and she’s here to tell you how you can finally defeat your debt.

Lauren is a self-professed spender. A few years ago, she and her husband found themselves $40,000 in debt despite their healthy income. With some difficult conversations and serious dedication, the couple worked together to overhaul their budget and finally pay off their debts. In the process, they’ve built a business that allows them to help thousands of other people with similar financial struggles.

In this episode, Lauren shares the story of how she and her family aggressively paid down their seemingly insurmountable debt. She also talks about the specific tricks they used to slash their monthly spending and the realizations she had about decluttering her house and her life.

Lauren’s message is resonant for anybody that likes to spend money, but wants to rein in their budget and make their money work harder.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Discover how Lauren and her husband, Mark, finally acknowledged the reality of being $40,000 in debt and what steps they took to turn it all around.
  • Lauren shares how she and her husband slashed their grocery bill — they went from spending $1,000 a month to just $250 (and she fed her family on $50/week for 2 years)!
  • Why a comprehensive budget should change every month.
  • Why Lauren’s book, written to a spender, from a spender, is unique in the financial book world.
  • A few of Lauren’s top tips to live a happy, fulfilled and debt-free life.

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