EP 32 | Profit Boss® Radio | Reconciling My Relationship with Capitalism with Rha Goddess

Hey Profit Boss® — what if I told you that you could build a successful, independent, and beneficial business around your unique skills and strengths? This week’s guest, Rha Goddess, shares her advice on how to do exactly that.

Rha is an artist, activist, and very spiritual person. She is also an entrepreneur and a passionate coach of fellow entrepreneurs who are seeking to bring their ideas to life while increasing their financial stability. Her company, Move the Crowd, seeks to help entrepreneurs do good and get paid well so that they can contribute to the world around them.

Rha herself has broken free of a limiting money mindset. She talks about how she embraced profitability and abundance, and how women can step into their full power by taking charge of their financial lives.

This interview is a little different from my typically analytical style, but mine and Rha’s teachings coincide on so many levels that I think you’re going to love this episode. Plus, Rha very generously offered up some gifts for you — make sure you take advantage!

Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Rha moved past the “starving artist” idea that she shouldn’t be financially successful to become a conscious wealth seeker.
  • Why “turning point moments” are critical for learning to expand yourself despite fear.
  • How to start the amazing journey toward self-confidence that underlies true entrepreneurial and personal success.
  • How Rha has built structures that keep her responsible with her money and enable her life.
  • Why taking responsibility for your finances can enable you to step into your full power as an individual and a woman.

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