EP 5 | Profit Boss® Radio | Rewire Your Mind for Wealth with Nina Cashman

Our guest today is very special to me. Her calling is something that I actually had to learn the hard way – how to understand and rewire your mind for wealth. Nina Cashman is an expert at helping her clients to rewire their beliefs around money.

For some people, their beliefs are so ingrained in their psyche that it can take deep, psychological work change them. This is where Nina comes in. Nina doesn’t just work with her clients about money, however, that is what we are focusing on in this episode.

Nina is a trained and certified coach and the founder of Pave Your Way, where she helps people in career growth and development. She trains leaders, leads team building sessions, and even works on individual branding.

Nina has over 17 years of marketing experience that she leverages to help her clients build their brands. She is also a trainer and a workshop facilitator for an organization called IPEC, and she is a master Practitioner in Energy Leadership Index Assessment.

If you’re facing mindset challenges in your business, then you need to listen in to today’s episode. Nina shares how you can become a paver in a world of followers by developing your own self-supporting belief system.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Nina’s father’s money beliefs shaped her life.
  • The lasting effects the great depression had on belief systems.
  • Where our limiting beliefs originate.
  • Nina’s game-changing wake-up call.
  • How Nina made the transition from marketing & advertising to coaching.
  • How shifts happen.
  • The seven levels of the Energy Leadership Index Assessment.

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