EP 104 | The Self-Made Woman with Nely Galan

EP 104 | Profit Boss® Radio

With hard work, a healthy money mindset, and the sheer force of determination, you can overcome insurmountable odds and find success. This is exactly the attitude of my guest, Nely Galan. Nely is a Latina media dynamo! As an immigrant with limited work experience, Nely worked hard to put herself through school and then rise through the ranks to become the media mogul she is today! Nely was the first female president of Telemundo, and she has produced over 600 episodes of television in both English and Spanish. She is an Emmy award-winning producer, working on shows like Fox’s The Swan. All of these accomplishments are indeed impressive, but most of that work went on behind the scenes. I am excited for you to hear why Nely is stepping onstage to become an advocate for women’s empowerment. 

Nely’s new book, Self Made, chronicles her journey in the media business as she started from nothing. Now, Nely wants to show women across the globe that we are capable of more than our society tells us we are. When women earn more and advance in their careers, our culture flourishes. Nely is spearheading efforts to educate, empower, and mobilize women from all nationalities and backgrounds to begin making waves in their industry. Today, Nely will share some of her best tips and techniques for starting over and becoming self-made. Make sure you listen to find out how to get resources for women-owned businesses right in your mailbox! 

With so much experience and wisdom to share, Nely embodies what it means to be a ProfitBoss. You do not want to miss out on the practical tools and mindset shifts Nely is bringing to the table today.  

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What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • What inspired Nely to move away from behind the scenes work to being an author and public speaker. 
  • Nely started with nothing at all, and she worked hard to make her life happen. 
  • Nely’s biggest advice is to live well within your means. 
  • Going back to school inspired Nely to take part of the intercultural revolution of women in business. 
  • Women need to learn how to take care of themselves. 
  • Learn from the mistakes Nely made along the way. 
  • Business failure is not a failed career. 
  • Join professional organizations. 
  • Being self-made is a day-by-day process. 
  • How to be a woman in relationships and still have money. 
  • Discover the benefits of being self-made. 
  • We are a culture that worries about money; declare your goals boldly. 
  • How to combat fear. 
  • Why Nely loves buildings more than shoes. 
  • Who needs to use Becoming Self Made resources.

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