EP 103 | The Million Dollar Asset You Didn’t Know You Had + #AskHilary

EP 103 | Profit Boss® Radio

Many Americans are walking around with a million dollar asset they didn’t even know they had—Social Security. Love it or leave it, the U.S. has put Social Security in place to protect your future, and you need to be informed to make the most of it. My special guest today is Elaine Floyd. Elaine has made it her mission to make sure everyone knows how to utilize Social Security now to better ensure their future. She has spent much of her time assisting Baby Boomers when it comes to claiming benefits, but her years of experience have given her a perspective that is beneficial during every walk of life. 

First up, in our newest edition of “Ask Hilary,” I tackle some of your questions from the private Facebook group. We will discuss everything from planning finances with an irregular income to tracking expenses through automation. Because of your excellent questions, we get to cover a lot of ground with practical tools you can use in almost any situation. 

Next on the docket, Elaine starts off by dispelling some of the most common myths around Social Security. We will discuss what it might mean for Social Security to be “bankrupt,” and what some of the younger generations might expect in the future. Even though nothing is set in stone, Elaine believes that we need to be investing in and making the most of Social Security. On your path to financial freedom, you are going to want to utilize every asset you can. I am excited that Elaine is able to share her knowledge with the ProfitBoss Community today!

Elaine’s Top Tips for Social Security 

  1. Delay retirement if you can 
  2. Maximize Earnings
  3. Understand the Survivor Benefits 

Listen To The Full Interview:

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • In our “Ask Hilary” segment, I talk about whether to incorporate and trusting your tax advisor. 
  • My best financial planning tips for irregular income. 
  • My favorite tool for tracking expenses. 
  • Find an accountability partner! 
  • Tips for listeners who have budding businesses. 
  • A reminder of what Ignite membership is all about! 
  • I chat with Elaine Floyd about the Social Security Program. 
  • What it means when we say Social Security is “bankrupt.” 
  • Discover how benefits are actually calculated. 
  • Know what to expect from the Social Security program. 
  • Elaine’s best tips for claiming Social Security 
  • Social Security has tightened the rules on claiming spouse’s benefits. 
  • Learn all about Survivor Benefits. 
  • Common pitfalls to avoid with Social Security income. 
  • What it’s like to actually work within the system. 
  • How soon you can expect benefits. 

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