4 Steps for Business Owners to Stop Worrying About Money

The most common lament I hear from business owners is how they want to stop worrying about money.

I know you’ve spent thousands of dollars and hours learning how to earn money, but now you need to learn how to treat it once you’ve earned it so you can make it do what you want it to do. It’s possible to identify and shift money mindsets and beliefs using the principles of neuropsychology so you are pre-programmed for wealth-building. I teach my clients principles and techniques to release money blocks to ensure money can flow to you easily and often. I also love to teach simple business cash flow management techniques that make it possible to build wealth as an entrepreneur.

I developed a proprietary technology that allows business owners to P.L.A.N.

1. P is for profit. Become a Profit Boss®.

(Yep, that’s a link to my Profit Boss® Facebook group. if you request membership there, I promise to let you in!)

Profit Boss® is the name I give to the people in my programs who are willing to do the work to grow their income and build wealth. You can be a Profit Boss®, too!

A Profit Boss® is someone who’s serious about attaining financial freedom. A Profit Boss® is someone who’s willing to get real about the numbers. A Profit Boss® makes constant course corrections and lets profit guide the rudders.

You can put profit first.

In order to have profit, you have to set it aside first—you have to automate it. You have to “pay yourself first”. We’ve long been preaching this adage in our personal lives, but the idea of applying it to our businesses seems radical.

Now that I’ve said it, though, I bet it makes sense, doesn’t it?

If you create a new account for profit—your Profit Boss® account—and send an increasing percentage of revenue there quarter after quarter, you’re essentially managing your expenses in the same way thin people manage food—by portion size.

Expenses will increase to fill the space you give them—so how about giving them a smaller space?

I promise, it works.

To determine the right amount to open your Profit Boss® account, you want to figure out your current level of profitability.

If it’s a real number you know, you take this amount and open your account with it. This is a profitability you’ve already achieved. Your profit should be right there in your P&L statement from your bookkeeper.

If you don’t have a Profit & Loss statement, you need to get one, stat. That means you need to implement Quickbooks or another accounting system in your business.

Then, you can open your account with the first quarter’s current profit already set aside.

Then, each quarter, you determine an easy increase, and in this way, you guarantee that your business is more and more profitable.

Talk to your accountant about how to move money from business accounts to personal accounts because it creates taxable income. I use a combination of payroll and profit distributions.

When you pay yourself first, there’s a sustainable financial level from which you can continue to operate (as a human being living her life).

Let’s try this again:

Let’s say you’ve been in business for a year and your profit last year was $2000.

Let’s say you open your Profit Boss® account with $500—which is your annualized profit divided by 4 quarters.

Then, at the beginning of your next quarter, you take out $600 and deposit it in your Profit Boss® account.

The following quarter, you take out $700, and the fourth quarter, you take out $800.

Then, your year’s profit, once you add it all up, is 125% of what you produced last year.

The increases in profit that you lay away are small increases—and by putting profit first, in an actual account at the beginning of each quarter—you’ve actually shifted the reality of your business’ profitability.

Now, no matter the expenses that accrue, the money you would have sent OUT of and AWAY FROM your business in the form of paying for other expenses is safe, secure, and earning your way free.

And you are running a more profitable business!

Turning profit into the first “expense” you pay ensures you generate it.

2. L is for laying away earnings.

You’ve got to extract that ever-increasing profit from your profit account and move it over to be included in your personal wealth. Until you take it out of the business account, it doesn’t actually belong to you.

By claiming your profits as your own, you’re buying peace of mind.
You’re buying profitability.
You’re buying financial freedom.

And the cost is worth it.
Price is what you pay—value is what you get.

3. A is for activate your affluence mindset—and this is critical.

Before building your affluence mindset, you have to discover your core money language, your Money Operating System™ and know what it is you’ve made up to be true about money.

I teach this in my personal financial fitness program, Your Rich Retirement Academy, but you can also watch my TEDx talk to see what I’ve said on the subject.

Essentially, once you know how your Money Operating System™ dominates your money outlook, you’ll want to be free. You’ll want to build up systems that work to generate the results you want in your business and your life.

Automating your finances is the absolute best way to accumulate the proof that money works like a river flows.

By building channels for this flow, it’s easy to see the water tables rising and to know that money is working differently than your Money Operating System™, which created the results that already exist in your life.

The results you now see in your money life are a result of actions you took in the past. Money always looks back.

Today, and in the future, you can take new actions that will lead to brand new results when you fast forward one year, three years, five years, and more.

These results are really the activation code for your own affluence mindset.

When you experience a new money reality, you’ll know there is more possible than there once was.
Then, your affluence mindset kicks in to take over where your limiting beliefs and Money Operating System™ left you—and now it runs the show.

When you experience yourself as a Profit Boss®, real personal wealth can flow as sufficiency, luxury, generosity, and peace of mind.

4. N is for notice a new freedom to spend.

When you’ve got your affluence mindset activated, your expenses are being served on small plates, and your deposits in your Profit Boss® accounts going in at the front of every quarter, then you’ll begin noticing a new freedom to spend!

With this new freedom, you’ll make increasingly better choices about the things you invest in that bring you more profit.

Every investment of capital should be yielding more results. You can finally stop worrying about money. Brand new and profitable ideas show up in your mind and in your life.

All of your business relations and relationships—with customers, vendors, employees and investors begin to transform as you notice this new freedom.

It’s a freedom that confidence builds slowly over time.

It’s the freedom you’ve been longing for and wanting. And today you can start planning for.


You want the realizations that come from a life well lived. So you have to set up your P.L.A.N. and the rest will follow. When the new ideas come, you’ll have new fuel for your plans. There will be new water flowing in your river of wealth.

Soon you’ll find yourself in the NO worries zone. Not worrying about money anymore.

It’s here, where I want all of my students and clients and readers in my audience to end up. I know how to get there.

I’m not perfect, though. Sometimes, my old Money Operating System™ surfaces and there’s a twinge of worry. And when I feel it, I can let it go because I know what it is—it’s an old way of seeing and I gave up those glasses long ago.

I have affluence lenses now, and a system that automates my money and makes me a Profit Boss®.

I want you to be one too. Are you ready? Join me here.

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