Stop Leaking Profits in your Business and Learn How to Increase Your Wealth with a 90 Day Action Plan


Stop Leaking Profits in your Business and Learn How to Increase Your Wealth with a 90 Day Action Plan

Stop Losing Money

Get a Personalized Plan to Grow  

Know You’re Doing it Right

Your 60-Minute Strategy Session with Hilary:

  • Define your current financial reality and pinpoint exactly why money is leaking out of your financial ecosystem.
  • Gives personalized, specific action steps you can take that will make the biggest difference in your financial life over the next 90 days.
  • Lets you gain clarity about how to fulfill your personal wealth-building goals.
  • **Bonus** Your Strategy Session payment will be credited toward Wealth MultiplierCourse if you enroll.


Real People, Real Results

Here’s what is possible when you have clear guidance on how to scale your finances.

Danika* came in defeated, but finished the course empowered.

As a real estate agent, her business income is highly uneven and unpredictable. However, with the tools she received in this course, she now reliably keeps her pipeline full of clients!

She overcame the limiting beliefs that she wasn’t good with money and that there was never enough money. Now these phrases guide her financial life - “I’m in control of my money” and “I’m a magnet for money.” And what a powerful shift that was for her financial life!

Now, she saves for taxes and financial independence while still having steady cash flow to fund her personal life. She has more than enough money, and it flows to her easily.

To think that at the start of the program, she was on track to earn $500,000 for the year and spend $550,000! She ended that year with revenue of $988,000 and savings of over $300,000!

*** Today, Danika has increased her net worth by nearly $300,000 per year for each of the years tracked. Assuming her growth rate continues, without any increases to her savings rate, she’ll be a millionaire in just a few years.***

Beginning net worth: –$191,000 (note: that’s negative nearly two hundred thousand dollars)

Net worth after first 7 months of program: $106,118

Expected net worth after 24 months: $567,751

Nina* was focused on paying off debt, but learned how to accelerate her wealth accumulation instead.

Debt is easier to pay down when you have more cash flow, so Nina created more cash flow with our guidance in the program.

Nina made big changes early in the program. She left a job, invested in herself and committed to growing her business, and purchased a home in a different state to lower her cost of living. All of these powerful decisions created more margin in her life and accelerated her ability to pay down her debts rapidly. But she also made adjustments and plans to ramp up her savings after those changes, too.

Beginning net worth: $102,360

Net worth after 24 months: $174,192

Sophia* was struggling after her financial safety net disappeared, but gained security by taking control of her finances.

Sophia had the financial rug pulled out from underneath her when the family stipend she was used to receiving stopped abruptly because of a tragic accident. She was grappling with conflicting messages from family members and an “upper limit problem.”

Ultimately, she decided she was committed to financial health and success. With our coaching, she raised her hourly rate from $50/hour to $250/hour while working less. Just that one action increased her annual income by $50,000!

She saved her increased income toward future goals and paying down debt. As of today, Sophia is now married to the man of her dreams and started her own practice, making her a business owner instead of someone else’s employee. She now has several employees working for her and is generating significant business profit. Sophia is even able to fund a company retirement plan.

Her transformation story is still being written (as yours will be a work in progress), and she is well on her way to earning her financial independence and thriving.

Beginning net worth: $22,171

Net worth growth during the course: program: $17,981

Current net worth: $327,860

*Not their real names, but definitely their real results.

I’m Hilary Hendershott.

I’m a champion for your financial success. I own and operate a wealth management firm and financial coaching business, and am also the host of the popular Profit Boss® Radio podcast.

As an entrepreneur myself, I know how frustrating it is to pour your heart and soul into a business, only to feel like you’re going nowhere. 

In fact, at my lowest point, I found myself hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, with a FICO score that no lender wanted to touch. 

And now? My business is thriving. And I'm on a mission to support other business owners in being able to quickly grow and scale their business past a million dollars in revenue and, soon, multiple millions in personal net worth.