Here is what people are saying about Hilary Hendershott and the Money Blueprint℠ Program

"So grateful I said yes to working with Hilary"

"If it sounds dramatic that working with Hilary changed my life, it isn't.  It's an understatement!  I joined Hilary's $50K Multiplier Mastermind Group in 2018.  I learned about Money Mindsets and Money Myths and it really helped me to discover what was in my way of financial success.  Once I uncovered that and was open to what I was learning, I did the hard work set before me to make monumental changes in my relationship with money.

I learned how to set up automation which was revolutionary to keeping track of my spending and my goals.  I am so proud of myself when I am told I have solid financials and a great credit score.  I am so grateful I said yes to working with Hilary and her team.  I trust them and I am confident in my financial future! "


"More than doubled my income"

"I can honestly say that Hilary and her team have changed my life.  Since enrolling in her 50K mastermind program I more than doubled my income, started my own business, and have a team of 3.  Hilary, Jen, and Alyssa have given me such valuable financial advice, I truly can't imagine where I'd be without them today.  I'm so glad to have Hilary and her team on my side every step of the way."


"I have so much more power and freedom with my money."

"I have done money managing seminars and courses before, and unlike those, Hilary’s had very relevant, current, real-world information that I could relate to and really value.

  • I really get that Hilary genuinely wants people to have rich and full lives.
  • I feel like she has my back and my best interest at heart.
  • I feel I just got so much more power and freedom with my money.
  • I now have a greater sense of freedom, knowledge and power around my finances and that is fantastic!"

"She's powerful - you're powerful - and this works!"

"I did this program because I wanted to start a side business. Today? I confirmed my first client! At a rate, I wouldn’t have even known HOW to propose if not for the wisdom, direction, and guidance I received from Hilary! Take the coaching, folks. She’s powerful–you’re powerful–and this works!"


"I would recommend it to anyone"

"I never really thought it was even possible for me to be “financially fit.” The thought of reading a book or taking a class didn’t seem appealing to me. In this course, I learned, I took new actions, I produced new results, and I broke through defeating ideas I had for myself around money. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to take on their financial fitness!"


"Powerful, dynamic, and honest"

"I am grateful I participated in Hilary’s course. I joined because she is a powerful, dynamic, and honest woman who I knew would empower me in my finances to achieve my goals, and she did just that! I paid off 100% of the credit card debt that I’d been carrying for years!"


"Down-to-earth approach"

“Hilary’s practical, down-to-earth approach coupled with powerful wealth management tools have taken the mystery out of operating and growing our financial resources. The on-demand delivery of the program meant my husband and I could grow in this area together, deepening our partnership not only financially, but in every area of our lives.”


"My business income has almost doubled"

"I learned so much from Hilary and her team. My business income has almost doubled in the last year after taking the wealth multiplier mastermind. I would highly recommend it to anyone, not just business owners but even if you want to take your own personal finances to the next level!"


"Transformative, fun, and well worth every penny"

"I attended Hilary's wealth building program and was awed and amazed by her knowledge, experience, and ability to effect change in my finances.  The program totally shifted my view of money, saving money, spending money and earning money.  For the first time in my 21 years of being self-employed my taxes were paid by the deadline AND I didn't need an extension to make my payments. The course and the coaching by Hilary was transformative, fun and well worth every penny I spent (and I have since earned and saved!!)."


"Best investment we ever made"

"I want to tell you how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to participate in the Wealth Coaching program. It helped my husband and I get on the same page and start working toward the same goal. Both of us agree that your program was the best investment we ever made. Not only can I NOT remember the last time we got into an argument about money, but we have successfully paid off all our credit cards, my student loan, my parent’s student loan, and our car.

It’s still amazing to me that in Dec 2017 we had $235k in debt and we are now down to $64k including the 401k loan, most of which will be paid off in less than a year. We can’t thank you enough for helping us get to this point."


"Great experience and a big transformation!!!"

"It's been a crazy trip! Hilary and Jen have managed to change my mentality towards finances. I participated in their coaching program. I went in with some very bad financial habits, messy accounts, and practically 0 knowledge about: investing, 401K, health plans, insurances, etc. After several months of work, my finances are all sorted out. Everything is automated, I know where I am standing at every given moment, and my credit score went from high 600's to high 700's. I had phobias about investing, but with these ladies, I am comfortable doing it because they actually took the time to explain it to me. Once I got the basics, I couldn't believe the amounts of money I have missed out on because I had not been investing. Hilary is a fiduciary financial advisor, so you know that she always has the clients' best interests in mind.

Overall, it has been a great experience and a big transformation!!! P.S. She also has a podcast - Profit Boss Radio - make sure you listen to that. Very good source of information!"


Here is what people are saying about Hilary Hendershott and Profit Boss® Radio.

"Podcast that is educational and entertaining."

"Podcast that is educational and entertaining. Profitboss radio is one of my go to podcasts for my commute. Hilary has a wealth of knowledge that she provides in a clear, concise, and actionable way. At the same time it is enjoyable to listen to. After each episode I learned something and have even more motivation to find passion in my work."


"Hilary has inspired and motivated me."

"So helpful! Love the practical topics; all diverse but related to overall financial health. Topics are covered efficiently without too much sidebar conversation. Hilary has inspired and motivated me. Thanks so much for the podcast!"


"She is no BS, tells it like it is"

"I first knew about Hilary from her AMAZING podcast, Profit Boss® Radio. She is so knowledgeable and I have listened to her for over a year. I just trusted her to give me the best advice. She is no BS, will tell it like it is but it is always so you are making the best decisions for yourself, and teaching, not telling. Her team is also amazing, any time I have reached out I have received an answer so quickly, with good information. I feel like working with Hilary is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and listening to her podcast gives me the tools to understand what is happening with current events and be very well informed. I have forwarded an episode to someone who is dealing with the topic she is covering SO many times and they have always thanked me. I cannot recommend her enough. And by the way - I'm on the other side of the country so don't let not being local stop you from working with her. One day we will meet in person and it will be magical. 🙂 Until then, my money is in the best hands in the business."


"Podcast has changed my life"

"Your podcast has changed my life and helped me gain control of my finances/money mindset. I was hoping you'd continue publishing, I can't wait to listen later today! "


"Extremely honest and authentic"

"Hilary knows money. I'm so excited to hear more episodes from Profit Boss Radio! Hilary has a way of digging in, getting the answers, and debunking the myths and confusion that surround the topic of money. She's extremely honest and authentic in her communication, which makes tuning in that much more engaging and fun. Looking forward to hearing from Hilary on a weekly basis!"


"She's on a mission to help women"

"Can't wait for more episodes. Hilary Hendershott has been there: in debt, with no money to invest, and living by some major limiting beliefs around money. But she didn't stay stuck there long. She studied and worked hard to change her mindset, her money story, and her financial reality. Now she's on a mission to help other women do the same. Profit Boss is just one way for her to spread the message, but what a powerful way it is! I can't wait for the next episode! "


"Refreshing voice in women's finance!"

"Just plain excellent! Hilary is a refreshing voice in women’s personal finance! She makes all the typically “confusing” terms and advice easy to understand, easy to ACTUALLY implement and use, and is inspiring to boot.

As part of the team that has helped her produce the show, I’m thrilled at the quality and depth of her advice as well as the impact this show (and Hilary herself) will have on helping women take charge of their financial futures. I encourage you to subscribe to this show, and wish Hilary and all her listeners the absolute best!"


"Great podcast!"

"Empowering! Hilary really makes you think about your relationship with money and how you can really get what you want out of it to help you live your best life. Great podcast!"


"Smart and easy to listen to"

"Hilary is Smart & Easy to Listen To. Sad to say, but some smart people are BORING to listen to. NOT Hilary Hendershott. She’s smart, powerful, and easy to listen to. As a woman entrepreneur, it can be hard to find resources that are applicable and relate to me. As the Managing Director of Startup Princess (an international organization for women entrepreneurs) financials and money matters are our top questions (and areas of stress). Hilary’s know-how is needed and welcome and I’m looking forward to sharing her with my followers as well. I can’t wait for the next episode!"


"I really enjoyed this podcast"

"Thank you, Hilary! You always bring so much to the table. I really enjoyed this podcast and the others I have heard. They all inspire me to be better. That is something I really want to do. Thanks for helping to make money and the mind a little more understandable. You do excellent work!"


"I'm excited to listen"

"Great podcast Hilary! This is a great podcast series. So much valuable and helpful information in each episode. I am excited to listen to them all."


"Thanks for your inspiration"

"Money management information. I've tried many different things to improve my financial issues but far and wide Hilary's information is tops!! Thanks for your inspiration too."


"Great questions and insight"

"Thank You. Great questions, insight, and answers. And, Hilary's own story makes it real!"


"I really loved it!"

"Excellent podcats for women AND men! My wife had me listen to this podcast over the weekend while we were road-tripping and although I was skeptical at first I really loved it! I listen to many money podcasts on money and none of them are like this - I loved learning how Amanda Steinberg and her partner dealt with money and how what we say about money is a big deal. Adding this to my regularly scheduled podcast listening lineup!"


"A must-listen for women everywhere."

"A must-listen for women everywhere. Such a great podcast. Hilary is a wealth of knowledge and I’ve enjoyed her perspective on money and her guests as well! Looking forward to listening again!"


"Thank you for creating this!"

"Thank you for creating this! I use to avoid the subject of money unless it was about shopping and investing in my business and myself. I am so blessed to have this group of women who are changing the way money is done. Thank you, Hilary. So much love for you."


"Super educational and inspirational."

"The BEST $$ Podcast for Women. Hilary is so smart and spot on with this podcast and there is nothing else like it. Women entrepreneurs take note - financial independence and power can be yours if you're willing to listen and learn from this expert.

Hilary and her guests directly address the questions, fears, and frustrations that keep us from moving forward. Super educational and inspirational. So grateful and excited to hear more! "


"Great, inspiring show"

"Sincerity and value!! This is a great, inspiring show for men and women, particularly for women. I am going to introduce it to the women in my life for sure."


"Tun in for high quality knowledge!"

"Good resource! I've been told for years that money doesn't matter. Nonsense, while money is not the only thing, it certainly is an important topic for every family (reminder: couples argue most often about... you guessed it - money).

Tune in for high quality knowledge!"


"Exciting and informative podcast!"

"Refreshing, much-needed podcast. Exciting and informative podcast! Hilary does a wonderful job in bringing an important podcast to the forefront. Great audio quality as well. "


"Hilary's show is one to watch."

"Show on the Rise. Love the episode with Kimra Luna episode. Hilary’s show is one to watch."


"Great businesswomen podcast!"

"Great Businesswomen Podcast! Really this podcast is great for all genders it has quality business advice that applies to all. That being said it has the spin of what it takes to be a rock star businesswoman."

Your College Mentor

"Spot on - passionate - valuable"

"Outstanding. I just finished listening to the first episode and was blown away. Spot on - passionate - valuable - and really needed. I will refer every woman I know to this show (and a bunch of men). Financial literacy is such an important skill for everyone."


"Spoke directly to me."

"Spoke directly to me. As a serial entrepreneur, I loved your interview with Allison. "

Cleaning coach

"The interviews are engaging"

"Can't get enough of this gem of a show. Do you want to feel inspired about your money? Do you want a mindset change around money? Do you want to change your future around money and make it profitable? Then you must listen in. Profit Boss® radio is the bomb! I have listened to other financial podcasts before and they were boring and never really helped me or inspired me.

Hilary has outdone herself. The interviews are engaging and Hilary asks the deep questions you want to know the answer to. She's fun, smart, knows her stuff, and is brilliant at making financial wealth understandable and attainable. I’ve learned so much from the interviews and I’m extremely excited about Profit Boss® Radio’s empowering shows."


"I learned a lot from the podcast"

"Great resource. I have followed Hilary Hendershott's blog posts and participated in her Retirement Academy group class. She is truly a financial expert as well as an expert at understanding people. Even though I am not a woman, I learned a lot from the podcast with Allison Maslan and found the discussion to be fascinating. I look forward to future podcast episodes."


"Hilary really knows her stuff!"

"Great financial advice! Hilary really knows her stuff! A must for anyone wanting to make the most of their money."


"Real, heartfelt, no fluff..."

"Powerful message around profits. Not everyone gets the conversation around profits and really having a system and plan. Real, heartfelt, no fluffy ideas, and love it."


"She's a Boss!"

"She's a Boss! Hilary knows her stuff, so excited to hear her tips and learn from her guests!"


"Exciting and inspiring podcast"

"I love this podcast. It is an exciting and inspiring podcast focused on women. The women Hilary interviews are financial rock stars. These role models make me believe in myself and that I can put a package together for financial independence. Very exciting and I love the name of the podcast. I would not miss it. Thank you, Hilary!"


"Helped change my money mindset"

"Thank You! Every week I look forward to listening to Hillary's expertise, insights, and guests that she has on Profit Boss. She is relatable and you know she wants the best for her listeners. She has helped change my money mindset for the better. I only wish she came on Profit Boss® radio every day! I'm proud to now say that "I'm a Profit Boss!"

I'm a Profit Boss!

"I love listening"

"Thank you! I love listening to these podcasts while I am driving around town! It's wonderful to hear the stories of these successful women. I especially love the ones about neuroscience and mindset! keep it up, Hilary!"


"Wonderfully informative podcast!"

"Fabulous Work! This is a wonderfully informative podcast! Love that it is focused on women and their unique needs. Thank you! "


"I've learned something from every show"

"Palatable Financial Sense. Talk to me about money and I go "lalalala" in my head. I know it's important but I just don't care. I am no numbers whiz and, in fact, agree with Barbie. Math is hard. Hilary makes sense to me. She speaks to me on a level that I can understand. And, more importantly, I don't get a feeling of being talked down to. Her guests are intriguing, engaging voices. I have learned something from every show so far. I look forward to the next one eagerly."


"Incredible job bringing on interesting guests"

"Great investment of your time! Hilary does an incredible job bringing on interesting guests and distilling out their best insights from successful careers in and around the financial sector. Profit Boss Radio is a great investment in my time and I'd recommend it to anyone."


"Really great interviews"

"For women, by a woman! I'm subscribed to several podcasts by women, but what I especially like is that Hilary has the courage to make her niche women-centered. She's had some really great interviews so far, and I'm really looking forward to what she has in store. She's off to a powerful start and I really think this podcast has the potential to go very far."


"Great practical ideas"

"Great podcast. Great practical ideas and very empowering for women. Thank you, Profit boss"

C Ivey

"Honest and REAL"

"Different levels of finances. I like your podcasts and your story…you touch on all levels of financial aspects from hitting rock bottom to more advanced financial success. I love how honest and REAL you are and you have these other women’s stories. you address both the emotional and financial parts of money. Thanks!"


"My knowledge and understanding grew!"

"Discuss Money openly! Really! Go ahead do it! You will be better for it! I have had the opportunity to meet Hilary Hendershott at the right time! Hilary’s story and wisdom around finances have been a release and freedom to know I CAN and DO discuss my finances openly and How to change the belief system I had around money. This gave me clarity and learning to LOVE the journey of knowing and understanding my numbers, I'm not afraid or know and understand how to face my fears around money, I am able to set a fine example for those around me especially my daughter, nieces, In-laws.

I have such a new found understanding of much more in life!! I once told my accounting teacher in my senior year of high school, its ok if I just pass this class, I will never be an accountant” “I am not good at math” Boy, what little did I know! I am a Woman Business Owner, and NOW all I do is watch the money, With Hilary’s assistance my knowledge & understanding grew! I have so much more to learn, however, now I am eager and ready to discuss my Finances openly and have a desire to grow Financially Healthy. I shared this Podcast with as many who will listen and download. Thanks for sharing your time and energy, Hillary. "



"Reliabily delivers. Always interesting, engaging, and empowering. Not just for women :). "


"Really powerful work"

"So grateful! I’m incredibly grateful to have these podcasts. I turned a corner recently with myself and getting serious about my financial goals. Hilary has been instrumental in this for me and having a weekly show to keep me excited about the changes I am implementing within myself and for myself and my family is incredibly helpful. Really powerful work. Thank you so much, Hilary!"


"Authenticity as a host!"

"Such a relevant topic! Thank you, Hilary! I really enjoyed the interview with Cheryl Hunter. I appreciate your authenticity as a host!"


"Honest take on money"

"So grateful. So grateful for an empowering, honest take on money! Thank you."


"I'm completely hooked."

"Life-changing. This is a must-listen podcast for every woman. Hilary and her guests will teach you the essentials and energetics about money management, that are crucial to creating wealth.

I credit listening to this podcast, for the huge mindset shift about money that I am experiencing. Listen. You won’t regret it! I’m completely hooked. Thank you, Hilary!"


"More empowered already!"

"More empowered already! I just listened to today's podcast and am subscribing and will listen to the past shows! When the student is ready, the teacher appears..."


"Thanks for creating this."

"Profit Boss® Radio. Thanks for creating this. I haven't listened yet...just downloaded it, but I know it will be worth my while!"


"Fresh voice for women."

"Fresh Voice for Women. Hilary Hendershott's voice is clear and powerful. She motivates the listener to pay attention, take action and transform their beliefs and lifestyle towards loving what having money can do for you. I am a more generous giver after listening to her wisdom."


"Expert I can trust"

"Peace of Mind: Yes! Really! Relying on an expert I can trust to guide my financial future has been critical to my peace of mind. Thank you, Hilary!"


"East to listen to and absolutely engaging"

"The real deal...Hilary’s style is so accessible which is so needed when it comes to talking about money…she is not only easy to listen to and absolutely engaging, but she has a way with her guests that pulls out the most critical information in an easy-to-digest way that’s like listening to your trusted girlfriends. Brilliant. "


"Great variety of info"

"Hilary breaks down finances and business for women. Hilary's podcast has a great variety of info -- from her thoughts on current market conditions and breaking down complex financial concepts to interesting interviews with women who have a lot to share about financial growth and independence with listeners."


"Absolutely helpful"

"Beyond fascinating! Wow! I am so amazed and thankful for this podcast I found. All of the topics about money and the behavior centered approach to it are absolutely helpful. Hilary makes things so simple and so applicable to our everyday lives. All of the guest speakers are so inspirational and truly have had a positive impact on my mindset and the way I look at life professionally, and even spiritually."


"I love love love listening"

"Makes my commute worth it. I love love love listening to this Podcast. My 30-mile commute each way is filled with useful financial and professional advice from Hilary and her guest speakers. I have already made so many small tweaks to my finances thanks to this podcast. Hilary's voice is wonderful and I am looking forward to more and more awesome great topics and wealth managment and money-saving tips from this podcast."


"The interviews are great"

"Great resource. The interviews are great, speakers are awesome. She tells you online all resources covered in that particular episode. I love her show."


"Can change your life for the better"

"Change your mindset, change your life. Oh, just another glowing review for a podcast that can change your life for the better. I am relatively new to the world and ideas about wealth consciousness and this podcast is one of the best things I have come across in this arena. Listened to all of them back to back and subscribed so I get the new ones as they are released.

I even go back and relisten to them. My husband even likes listening to them with me even though the primary audience is women. I am sincerely appreciative of the advice and information Hilary shares with her listeners. I would recommend this podcast to anyone with an interest in making their financial lives better."


"Great weekly dose of information and inspiration"

"Really Excellent Podcast for Finance and Life. Hilary's podcast is by far one of the best available on iTunes. The interviews are so well-done and even though the show is about finances and business, it is amazing how many other topics surrounding our success as women come up in the conversation. As someone who has always focused on hard work, I cannot believe I never stopped to think about how many emotions, thought processes, and beliefs were tied to finances and success.

Also, I want to give a special thanks to Hilary for resource after resource in every episode! I would never have time to search for the books, blogs, and articles that are a part of her guests' body of work. There are so many episodes I have gone back and listened to a second time to take notes and reflect. Still, even when I do not have time to do that, each interview is such a great weekly dose of information and inspiration. Thank you, Hilary!"



"Inspired! Thank you for creating this wonderful podcast. I became a fan a couple months ago and have listened to all your episodes. This has led me to ask lots of questions and has guided me on a new path!"


"Refreshing and inspiring"

"Refreshing and Inspiring. As a CFP and 20-year veteran, it is fabulous to listen to this podcast to be inspired. The words of wisdom Hilary provides are positive and without bias to anyone wanting to continue to grow in their relationship around money. I have always said that personal financial planning is more PERSONAL than financial and Hilary's podcast lives up to that statement. I highly recommend this show. "


"Amazing guests"

"This is an amazing podcast! Inspiring, informative, encouraging. It will completely change your mindset towards your relationship with money and your own “worthiness” of having money. I can not even tell you the freedom that has come from listening to this podcast. A totally taboo subject in my home is now becoming a healthy conversation! Thank you Hillary for your vision in creating this podcast.

Thank you for the amazing guests you have on this show. Thank you for your money knowledge that you so freely share with us in every episode. PLEASE keep up the good work and keep the next ones coming!"


"I love the honest conversations"

"I love this take on money. I discovered this podcast through She Podcast. I am glad that I found it as I love this inspiring take on money. I love the honest conversations around it."


"Refreshingly straightforward"

"Great podcast! Hilary has a refreshingly straightforward, honest, no-nonsense style. She asks questions a lot of people are too embarrassed to ask but are crucial for understanding the content. I love the long format, it lets you dive deep into the information. Keep up the important work!"


"I look forward to each and every interview"

"This series of podcasts by Hilary Hendershott has helped me to realize a lifelong dream of developing and owning my own business. She focuses on women and worth and financial security. Her interviews are fabulous and have introduced me to a creative world of women entrepreneurs who provide insight and guidance for running a business. I look forward to each and every interview. Thank you, Hilary!"


"Every episode is full of content"

"Profit Boss Rocks. Thank you Hilary for helping me shape my new Money mindset! Every episode is full of content that helps me change my negative money labels and build my wealth."


"These podcasts are fantastic"

"Fabulous! These podcasts are fantastic. I can never talk about money with my friends or family without worry. Listening to this podcast is helping me in more ways than one! Thank you for supporting women!"


"True inspiration and BOSS"

"Thank you Hilary, I love listening to all of the stories! With every guest, I’m able to take away a tidbit to plug into my own life. My only thing is that the podcasts are super long. Maybe consider scattering in shorter podcasts (20min) here and where you focus on one piece of money advice? Regardless, love them all you’re a true inspiration and BOSS."


"A natural behind the mic"

"She's a natural behind the mic. I’m at a place where I’m actively trying to learn more about money and creating wealth and I love learning from women. Hilary is a natural behind the mic. She’s a great interviewer and has a great voice for podcasting. Looking forward to more episodes! "


"Incredibly relevant and inspiring"

"LOVE. I absolutely love Profit Boss® Radio! As a female professional working in finance, I'm still striving to understand the ins and outs of my own personal finances. I find Hilary's message incredibly relevant and inspiring. I love talking about her encouragement to money in such an open way, and it actually inspired me to create my own personal finance blog for women."


"Break through for Women"

"Break through for Women - and my hubby too! Really enjoy listening to these inspirational women! And to follow Hilary through her interviewing technique. Her voice is soothing. I even have my husband listening to the podcasts. Now that is an accomplishment!"


"Great mix of interviews and discussions"

"Great podcast. Hilary is a great person and the format of the podcast thus far has been a great mix of interviews and discussions to bring attention to important topics. Also applicable to those of us with a short chromosome!"



"Eye-opening! Wow, never thought of money the way you talk about it. Love how candid you are about your money operating systems. Thank you, can't wait to hear and learn more!"


"I love this show"

"Empowering Women! I love this show. The episodes are inspiring no matter where you are at in your money journey! I look forward to the next episode!"


"Actionable lessons to help you succeed"

"Highly Recommend! Hilary and her guests share inspiring and actionable lessons to help you succeed in your financial and professional life. Highly recommend listening if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to reach your financial and business goals!"


"Love Love Love this podcast"

"SO GLAD I found this podcast!! Love Love Love this podcast! I've just discovered it and there are 68 episodes already, so I've been binge-listening and am SO hooked! Hilary has a great way about her and I love her points of view, and her guests are so impressive and interesting as well! Each one is better than the next 🙂 Can't wait to keep listening."


"So much valuable information"

"Great Content! I love Hilary’s style and approach to the show and the topics she discusses! So much valuable information. I particularly loved the show with Jessica Kupferman!! Thank you, Hilary!"


"Helping me think about money in a different way"

"Outstanding!!!! Do Yourself a Favor and Listen! I've never written an Itunes review but when I listen to Hilary's podcast, I just had to. It's fresh and informative and is helping me think about money in a different way. I can't wait for future episodes! Thank you, Hilary! Please keep them coming!"


"Well done!"

"Way to go Hilary. Wealth and peace of mind are both hard to come by….thanks for helping your audience focus on more than just money…the brain is so complex, working on this is so important as well. Well done!"


"I love the candid authentic feel"

"I have been telling my friends about this podcast. Hilary has a great voice. I love the candid authentic feel of her podcast. Although the information is solid, it's the humor and the heart connection that Hilary makes with listeners that keep me coming back."


"Thoughtful & well produced"

"Helps you be the Boss. Hilary is the boss. But she's dedicated to helping you become the boss of your life with this thoughtful, well-produced, much-needed show. Tune in today!"

PT Money

"Inspiring and motivating"

"Listen listen listen! I started listening to Profit Boss® around episode 5 and have looked forward to every episode since. At the start of the year I was $6000 in debt and now have $6000 in savings. It wasn't through any magic, simply listening to Hilary's sound advice and educating myself to know more about the financial world we live and breathe in every day.

Profit Boss® Radio is an inspiring and motivating podcast that just happens to deliver its message through finance! I would definitely pay money for this podcast. It has proven its worth in my bank account and confidence."


"Hilary Rocks"

"Hilary Rocks. Hilary is the go-to woman. She won't steer you wrong, taking her financial coaching. I am on the path now and have strong tools to use to make my money work for me, and to have more of it! As a former single mom And self-employed, there was never enough savings for me, and with her simple coaching, I have established a new mentality towards my financial goals That are actually happening."


"THIS is the podcast I've been desperately seeking"

"Get In My Car, I'm Taking You To The Profit Boss®!!! I am an overnight, well more like an instant fan, obsessed to learn everything Hilary has to teach. THIS is the podcast I've been desperately seeking. For over 1 year, in my pursuit to find my purpose and live my passion, which is to teach, partner with, help as many women as I can to find their own purpose and live in their own passion through building their financial health. Thank you for all you do Hilary, you are truly a breath of fresh air in this industry!!!! I wish you EVERY success, you DESERVE it all!!!!!


"A MUST listen to podcast for women!"

"This girl tells it like it is! It always seems that the topic of money is taboo for women. They are afraid to talk about how much they have, how much they don't have, or how they got to either place. Hilary has created a safe environment for women to learn about finances, ask questions, and get some of the best financial advice available. I genuinely believe that Hilary will change the way women think, feel, and behave about their money. This is a MUST listen to podcast for women!"


"It's refreshing"

"Great show. Loved the interview with Farnoosh. You let the guest tell the story. It's refreshing. Keep up the great work!"


"Clear messages and very inspiring"

"Why did I wait so long? I have been receiving Hilary's emails for a long time, I saw her speak at a conference and I really liked her message. I read them, and clicked on some links but did not subscribe to the podcast until recently and have listened to 3 over the last couple of days and ALL 3 have been so relevant to me, with such clear messages and very inspiring, yet normal, guests.

Everyone has been very very specific about how they got where they are and how they can help you get there if that is what you want. Perhaps it is just where I am in my life but honestly, I am blown away by the quality and content of this podcast, and I haven't even tapped into the financial advice piece yet! I so highly recommend this for any woman in any stage of her life. I can't imagine you wouldn't find value in some portion of it."


"Unique and inspirational story, mindset, and experience"

"Eye-opening podcast. I look forward to each episode! All of the interviewees have a unique and inspirational story, mindset, and experience. Profit Boss® and Hilary's talks have opened my eyes to my own "money-operating system" and how to approach financial wellness. So grateful I found this podcast!"


"Inspiring me to be financially free"

"LOVE!!!! love this podcast, I feel like I get a lot of great, solid, and informational financial advice. Inspiring me to be financially free and to be the boss of my own money."


"My absolute favorite podcast!"

"Game Changer. Profit Boss® is my absolute favorite podcast! Hilary is such an eloquent presenter and lays out the very necessary information in a way that every Profit Boss, new or seasoned, can understand. In addition, the guests on the show are always inspiring and make me dive deeper into how I can be that Profit Boss I strive to be. I look forward to listening to each new podcast every Tuesday! Thanks, Hilary!"


"Such a great show and resource!"

"This is such a great show and resource! I love this show and have already found a ton of value after listening for only a few episodes."


"I've learned so much"

"SO MUCH GOOD! This podcast is incredible. I've learned so much and feel inspired after every episode. Thank you!"


"Brilliant content"

"Brilliant content. I found Hilary’s podcast a few months ago and have listened to EVERY SINGLE show. Such great content!! As a fellow financial advisor and woman in business this is the type of resource you come back to time and time again, so thank you!"


"Life-changing and so empowering"

"If I haven’t left a review already, it’s because when I try to express the impact that Hilary has had on my relationship with money, words fail me. This show and the work that Hilary does are so profound. I feel 100% more confident in myself with money, 100% more confident in myself as a business owner. And I’m not just saying that- I’ve grown my company’s revenue by over 100% since I started listening to the podcast and working with Hilary six months ago!"


"Her passion is contagious!"

"I LOVE this podcast! Finding out about the Money Operating System® was exactly what I needed at this moment. I’m exhausted and frustrated from living under the “There’s Never Enough Money,” mindset. I went looking for answers and found them here. I started back on Episode 1 and loved hearing from Kimbra Luna. Her passion is contagious! Can’t wait to listen to them all!"


"I can learn so much"

"Inspired newer advisor. As a newer advisor (2 years) I’ve wrestled quite a bit with how to bring forward more than simply selling solutions but educating and empowering... particularly women. Hilary has spoken my mind in the few episodes I’ve listened to so far and I’m excited to learn more about how she helps people (women) think about their money.

I’ve been seeking a mentor and her insight and experience illustrate the kind of advisor I want to grow into. So while it’s not a true mentor ship I feel I can learn so much from her about the direction I am passionate about bringing my own practice. Thank you, Hilary."


"Literally changing the game in financial services"

"Truly "The Boss" of Podcasting. Hilary and I originally connected via podcasting as I have a show specifically for financial advisors and she came on the radar as someone who was literally changing the game in financial services with how she has utilized technology and podcasting to serve her audience and clients.

She has an abundance mentality and literally shared her full playbook in hopes that it could serve other advisors out there. Can't say enough good things about Hilary, just listen to her show and you'll understand."


"Outstanding podcast for women"

"Outstanding Podcast for women to FINANCIALLY THRIVE. Thank you for your work! I recently heard you interviewed on one of my other fave pods (more on motherhood and mindset) and now have been binge listening on yours- THANK YOU."

3 buoys

"The best"

I have learned so much!! Thanks, Hilary"


"Felt like Hilary was speaking to ME"

"Really love this advisor. Great quality content, so accessible. I really felt like Hilary was speaking to ME and cared about what I needed. Highly recommend."


"Always valuable"

"Learn something new in every episode!! Always valuable time spent listening to these episodes!"


"Excellent interviewer and communicator"

"A must listen to podcast! I love her style and delivery. She quickly gets to the point and is an excellent interviewer and communicator. Clearly knows what she's talking about and I look forward to each new episode."


"Helps me embrace my own financial goals"

"THE BEST financial advice. Thank you so much for this podcast. Hearing financial advice from a successful woman's perspective really helps me embrace my own financial goals and hurdles. Automating finances was the simplest thing I've heard and the easiest to implement. I look forward to each episode and what other parts of my life can be improved with a little more first-hand advice."


"Actionable and inspiring lessons"

"Awesome show, highly recommend! Hilary and her guests share actionable and inspiring lessons on how to build a healthier relationship with your money. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Profit Boss® Radio if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to confidently manage your finances (and inch closer towards financial freedom as a result)!"

J. Barshop

"This is the place to be!"

"Hilary will give it to you straight! If you're looking to refocus your financial life, this is the place to be!"


"Highly recommend!"

"Love this! This woman KNOWS what she's talking about. Such valuable information and it's made fun and entertaining! Highly recommend!"


"The place to get empowered"

"Real and life-changing guidance! The place to get empowered by your financial decisions!"


"Fabulous show full of information"

"Taking ownership of my financial freedom. Fabulous show full of information to help me truly take ownership of my own financial freedom. And celebrate all of the profits coming into my world."


"Hands-on relatable money advice for everyone!"

"Hands-on, relatable money advice for everyone! Soooo many finance shows are dull, too technical, or just not tangible for the "everyday" human, but Hilary and her awesome guests have changed all that! Fun, informative, and applicable are just a few of the words I'd use to describe the time you'll spend with them. If you're fed up with all the "one size fits all" money advice out there, give Hilary a listen - I promise you won't regret it!"


"Practical, easy-to-apply strategies and tools"

"Approachable Financial Information. I have been a listener for the past two weeks. I was seeking guidance on cash flow management when I found Profit Boss®. I started at the beginning. I love the premise of the show. I am currently struggling to make a small business successful and put my family's financial house back in order.

Profit Boss® provides practical, easy-to-apply strategies and tools, inspirational success stories, and lots of great financial information. Interestingly, much of the financial information I would never have been willing to listen to until I had developed a trust in Hilary. Thank you!"


"Immediately helpful"

"Immediately helpful. I’m a new listener but I found the content immediately helpful and not at all stressful- as most money conversations can be for me. I particularly like that Hillary is dedicated to helping women rule-breakers, just like me."


"The content is purposeful"

"Keeps me on track & moving forward. Literally every time I hear an episode of Profit Boss® Radio I leave with an action step. The content is purposeful & definitely worth subscribing to."


"Very informative"

"Very informative. I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while and I appreciate the variety of topics. Listening to this show makes me feel informed and empowered as a woman working on building my wealth."


"Love that it is geared towards women"

"Great financial education podcast! I've been listening to the Profit Boss® Podcast for over a year and I've been so inspired to get full control of my finances. The information Hilary provides is so straightforward and practical. I especially love that it is geared toward women. I look forward to the new episode podcast notification each week."


"I learn something from every episode"

"On my way and almost there. As a follow-up to my prior review, I’ve been on this wealth management journey for a few years. It really does take time, not only are Hillary and her guests informative but I really feel like the content has evolved with me and my journey. A dedicated listener since 7/16. Hilary and these podcasts have changed my life, I’m forever grateful. I learn something from every episode and share it with everyone! I admire your work and am always inspired by your guests. Thank you!"


"I'm hooked!"

"Worth a listen! Just discovered this podcast, and I’m hooked! Thanks so much for generously sharing your knowledge and bringing on such informative, quality guests!"


"Such good information for everyone"

"Great information for everyone. Started listening 1+ years ago & now listen every week. Such good information for everyone & everything is explained so well. Hilary has a great voice & is very honest in describing her own experiences. Please try it out!"


"Got me on track"

"Got me on track. I've often felt so lonely in my poor financial history, but Hilary showed me that isn't true. Her own history with money isn't pretty but she's honest about it and talks about exact ways to fix it."

do what??

"You must add to your podcast rotation"

"You must add this to your podcast rotation! Hilary Hendershott provides excellent advice along with actionable steps to improve your financial life. She features fabulous guests which enhances the podcast."


"Not only educating but empowering!"

"Life-changing! I have listened to every single podcast of profit boss. It’s not only educating but Empowering! I am learning to change my money operating system and know my worth as an entrepreneur! Thank you Hilary for being honest and caring!"


"Highlights all aspects of money"

"Awesome Podcast!! Hilary, the host of Profit Boss® Radio, highlights all aspects of money, investing and more in this can’t miss a podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!"


"Sound and factual advice"

"The BEST Financial podcast. I compare finances to the weight loss world. Hilary is the weight loss guru yelling “just eat your fruits and vegetables and exercise!” When everyone else is trying to sell some fad diet or crazy lose 20lbs in a week scheme. Thank you for your sound and factual advice!"


"I've been a fan from day 1"

"So much knowledge! Thank you for putting out such INCREDIBLE content for us women to listen to. I’ve been a fan from day 1 and am thrilled to be able to tune into your expertise. Thank you for empowering women around their finances!"


"Excellent Podcast"

"Excellent Podcast. Engaging interviews and good overall financial tips."


"Incredibly practical and helpful"

"So helpful! Hilary’s podcast has been incredibly practical and helpful. I never realized how much I did not know about money and the way I interacted with it until listening to her and her guests. I’ve been motivated to take charge of my financial life. It’s scary and uncertain still but there is an underlying tone of empowerment beneath it all. I am excited to see how I (and my wealth) continue to grow with the support of Hilary’s education. Thank you so much!"


"I can't wait for next month"

"I made a decision -- thank you! I have been listening to ProfitBoss for the past month and here are things that have already changed: I have money in savings, positive balance in both my checking accounts, I have not charged anything (which is shocking), all my bills are paid up-to-date and I received a raise! I can’t wait for next month. Thank you for your encouraging, warm support-it is life-changing!"


"Inspired to take control of my money and future"

"Inspired to take control of my money and future from this podcast. I have been listening to Hilary Hendershott’s podcast for a couple of years and it has yet to disappoint. I am still relatively new to investing and saving for retirement so listening to this podcast has given me actionable steps and a desire to learn more."


"I learn something new every episode"

"LOVE YOUR PODCAST!!! Hilary! I absolutely LOVE listening to your show!! I learn something new every episode. You are an inspiration. Thanks so much for all of the information!"

Dr. Nika

"Hilary is the best!"

"Hilary's advice is AMAZING! I have listened to many of her podcasts multiple times so I can absorb every bit of advice. She truly knows what she is talking about and has advice for everyone in every walk of life! Hilary is the best!"


"Educational and entertaining"

"Educational and entertaining. When I first found Hilary about a year ago I couldn’t get enough! I have listened to every episode she has released and always get great information from her topics."


"So many helpful insights from listening"

"So helpful! I've been listening to this podcast for the past couple of years and feel like Hilary really cares about her listener's building wealth, no matter where their financial journey begins. I have gotten so many helpful insights from listening!"


"So much value!"

"Great nuggets for everyone! I’ve recently just started listening to Hilary’s podcast and am already getting so much value! I came in really just looking for business finance advice but find that all of her other topics are important for everyone to learn about! She’s covering the whole financial picture from retirement to career. Highly recommend it to anyone wanting to master their finances."

Lanna AZ

"Gives you the power to understand EVERYTHING money"

"The magic wand. Profit boss gives you the magic wand to give you the power to understand EVERYTHING money. How to make it, how to retain it, how to invest it, how to profit, how to talk money with your kids and your elderly parents. I have gotten so much confidence to understand, talk and make money because she speaks to me and my money goal."

Finnaly something that works

"Actionable tips"

"Informative Financial Info. Love listening to Hilary and her guests! They always provide actionable tips to improve either my own or my client's financial situation. Thanks!!"


"Engaging and Excellent"

"Engaging and Excellent. I have been loving listening to this podcast and look forward to hearing more. Thank you for these informative and straightforward conversations with women who are so inspiring!"


"Implemented the automated system and it worked"

"Demystifying Personal Finances for Women. I enjoy the manner in which personal finance topics in the podcasts are presented and have listened to most episodes. My favorites are: 8,17 & 77. Implemented the Automated system and it has worked."


"Highlights all aspects of business, investing and more"

"Awesome Podcast!!! Hilary, the host of the Profit Boss® Radio podcast, highlights all aspects of business, investing and more in this can’t miss a podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!"


"Very helpful topics"

"Great podcast! Thank you, Hilary, for the gift of this podcast! Very helpful topics and always easy to listen to!"


"Dedicated to helping empower women"

"Great podcast! I enjoy listening to this podcast and learning more about investing and mortgages. She provides some good detailed information on Roth IRAs and Traditional IRAs. I particularly like that Hilary is dedicated to helping empower women with their finances."


"I always look forward to Hilary's podcast"

"Excellent Podcast! I always look forward to Hilary’s podcasts! I appreciate her insights and her ability to break down complex topics in an easy-to-understand way. I especially appreciate the podcast on Estate Planning - something many of us don’t want to think about (but should)."


"Fun show!"

"Fun Show! It was good fun hearing the inimitable Jeff Kreisler!"


"Topics covering just about everything!"

"Great episodes! Was surprised to see all the different topics covering just about everything! Love that she has guests on her podcast too!"


Great advice for people of all ages"

"Never too early to plan! You might think that you are years away from retirement, but it creeps up on you faster than you think! Some great advice for people of all ages."


"Love this podcast!"

"Love this podcast! Everything I have heard has helped me to make decisions about how I want to think about money. I feel like the content that Hilary shares are easy to understand and simple to put into action."


"Highly recommend"

"Helped me get out debt and build an emergency fund. Highly recommend. Since I started listening to Hilary’s show I’ve been able to (1) make smarter purchases and cut my spending by changing my mindset around money; (2) reach out to a not-for-profit financial management company and pay off my credit card debt; and (3) prioritize paying myself first and build a savings and emergency fund."


"Spot on expertise"

"Profit Boss® Radio w/Hilary Hendershott. Spot on expertise and advice regarding everything you want, need, and should know about your money. Hilary’s genuine heart for her mission and passion to help women and couples access their power and freedom through knowledge and action with money makes a such difference for anyone who listens in and everyone she serves!"


"Always teaches me something"

"The Best Financial Podcast ever!!! I’m very financial savvy but Hilary H. always teaches me something on every podcast. Her interviews are fantastic, interesting guests, and very insightful. Hilary gives you tips and habits to help you create and grow your personal wealth. Listen and learn. Each show is an amazing value!"


"Motivated me to think differently"

"Very Inspiring. I’ve been listening for years and it has motivated me to think differently about how I plan for my future. I’m more confident with my finances now because of the content and guests Hilary provides through this podcast. Thank you!"


"Motivated me to get a better handle on my money situation"

"Informative & Entertaining. I'm so glad I came across Profit Boss Radio! With extra time on my hands during quarantine (and extra money because of being stuck at home!) I decided to prioritize my finances. Hilary provides excellent information and has informative, entertaining guests who have motivated me to get a better handle on my money situation, and even overcome the fear of opening my first investing account.

I blazed through her entire episode history over the last couple of months, and get so excited for new episode releases! This is a must-listen for women (and men!) who want to take charge of their financial lives."


"Wealth of knowledge"

"Thanks, Hilary! My boss put me on to Hilary’s podcast a few weeks ago and there’s no going back now! It is a wealth of knowledge and it’s refreshing to have a resource made specifically for women. I work in a male-dominated industry and it’s always nice to have a helping hand!"


"Amazing Content!"

"Amazing Content! Great episode with Sigrun on how women can run very profitable businesses and have profitable lives. "Be inspired, think big, and take action," is a really encouraging quote."


"Useful, practical & inspiring"

"So useful, practical & inspiring! I love Hilary’s story along with the values AND values she shares on this podcast! An amazing listen—highly recommend for fellow entrepreneurs!"


"I love her podcast and weekly newsletter"

"I have been following Hilary for over a year now. I love her podcasts and I love her weekly financial summary newsletter. My goal this year is to listen to all her podcasts and also check out each guest. Two done so far! She was also willing to work on me with a non-offered service and I am grateful for that."


"One of my favorite podcasts"

"Profit Boss® Radio has become one of my favorite podcasts. Hilary Hendershott provides practical, achievable ideas on how to meet my financial goals. Episode 154 with Danielle Hayden is going to help me take my business to the next level!"


"One of the best out there"

"The Retirement Years podcast is one of the best out there. Hilary shares information in common sense and actionable ways. There is also no judgment and I always feel so motivated to advance my finances."


Here is what people are saying about Hilary Hendershott and Hendershott Wealth Management.

"Professional, capable, and happy with the results."

"We have been working with Hendershott Wealth Management going on 5 years now. Hilary and her staff are professional, capable, and we have been happy with the results. If you are seeking an organization to handle your financial wealth then we highly recommend them."


"Her team is beyond outstanding!"

"Hendershott Wealth Management with Hilary at the helm has been instrumental in our financial plans towards retirement. And guess what – my husband and I reached retirement! Our planning started over 6 years ago when we had an opportunity to rollover our 401K’s. We were not at retirement age yet. We knew that “managing” our nest egg within the 401K structure from prior employment now needed more than us just going at it alone. Hilary from the very beginning provided the structure for our financial future and we are happily living it now. Hilary’s office team is instrumental in the functions needed for coordinating back end processes that now provide for our retirement income. Her team is beyond outstanding! Also we address the plan on a regular basis with review meetings, mostly once a year, but you know with changes that can abound in life – we can also request another review or adjustment – and of course that has happened! So whether you are in that stage of getting ready for retirement or starting out with years to go towards retirement, we highly recommend building your plan with Hendershott Wealth Management."


"I have really appreciated the detailed and comprehensive approach"

"I’ve been working with Hendershott Wealth Management for a couple of years and I have really appreciated the detailed and comprehensive approach to all aspects of my financial life. They offer well-rounded advice and often times give me tips or suggestions in areas that I haven’t even started to think about yet (like, estate planning, a living will, life insurance, and more). They have been excellent at educating and explaining everything along the way, especially as it relates to stock options, and it’s always in a way that I can easily digest and understand.  In the past, I’ve had a passive relationship with my finances and advisors and now I realize the importance of having a much more involved relationship that involves trust and shared interest in my goals."


"Hilary is the most competent and well-informed advisor we have ever had"

"We have been working with Hilary and the team at Hendershott Wealth Management from before and now three years into retirement, and it has been a refreshingly positive experience. We have had a number of financial advisors over the past 25 years, including several from big banks and brokerage houses, all of whom we have eventually terminated. The two primary differences between those advisors and Hendershott Wealth Management are expertise and fiduciary responsibility. Hilary is the most competent and well-informed advisor we have ever had, our low overhead portfolio is based on solid data and analysis, and she has provided a steady hand to understand and help us meet our life/financial goals. As a fiduciary, we are confident that the decisions and proposals that she and her team make on our behalf are in our interest. All the members of the team at Hendershott Wealth Management have been a pleasure to work with, especially during the year and a half of pandemic related turmoil, and we recommend them highly and without reservation."


"They've earned my trust"

"Working with Hilary and Jen was a great decision for me both financially and personally. They answer all of my questions thoroughly and are very responsive. They've earned my trust and knowing they are looking out for me, gives me peace of mind."


"I am truly grateful to have Team Hilary on my side!"

"I have worked with Hilary for over 10 years, and have enjoyed our interactions. Hilary has a great team of people working with her, and I have been happy with her advice, and the growth in my portfolio. Several years ago, Hilary went out of her way to help me find a resource to refinance my house. This was not a service I expected to get, and I was delighted with the outcome. Smart, and fun. What a great combination in something that can be dry and uninviting. I am truly grateful to have Team Hilary on my side!"


"The annual planning sessions are always helpful."

"Hilary and her team of wealth managers have given us a plan for a successful financial future.  They have a variety of tools that are easy to use and help my husband and I work together on our finances and investments.  One tool in particular set us up to be debt free and IT WORKED!  Hilary is always available if I have a quick question and the annual planning sessions are always helpful. Thanks Hilary, I promise I won't buy that small island just yet!"


"My overall well being and nest egg continue to flourish."

"I found Hilary and her team months after finalizing my 20 plus year marriage. My confidence and knowledge around all things money was slim to none. With Hilary I have been coached, inspired, educated, heard, prioritized and supported. Following every interaction fear and overwhelm are replaced by knowledge, empowerment.and action. Thanks to Hendershott Wealth Management my overall well being and nest egg continue to flourish."


"My confidence level could not be higher"

"I have been working with Hilary and her team for almost 5 years now. I first learned of her through her podcast and I am so grateful for the decision I made to reach out. She has a very no-nonsense, fact-based approach to her advice, yet as a client, you are seen as a person. My confidence level could not be higher, and Hilary and her amazing team are constantly updating the tools they use to give you access to your information and make sure to stay in touch on a regular basis. And bonus points for the client Zoom Luau Party during Covid."


"Their caring and compassionate forms of communication are much appreciated."

"Hendershott Wealth Management team has demonstrated their foremost interest is to offer “personal” advice and investment for healthy financial/wealth growth. Their professionalism, knowledge, and experience in “wealth management “ gives us great comfort and a sense of financial security during our latter stage of life. Their caring and compassionate frequent forms of communication are much appreciated. We are more than satisfied and very happy with our relationship with the Hendershott Wealth Management Team."

Clare & Katie

"I feel both seen and well-managed"

"It is a critical feeling to know your financial world is in good hands. It's also wonderful to be able to ask questions, the big and the small, and always be met with respect and answers that are wise and emotionally intelligent. I feel both seen and well-managed by Hilary Hendershot and her team. When I need them, they are always there."


"I hired the best financial advisor"

"I hired the best financial advisor who helped me set my goals for a great retirement.  Hilary and her team are always there when I have a question or need. You won’t find a better financial company than Hendershott Wealth Management."


"Her clarity gave me an immediate sense of relief, of hope."

"Half a dozen years ago, in the middle of divorce from a 3 decades plus marriage, I met Hilary through a longtime friend. I sat down with Hilary. I was praying that she could help me out of a jam! We chatted briefly. I shared some documents, and numbers, with her. Her tone was serious, and then she smiled,and said.." Carmen, you're going to be fine."

Her clarity gave me an immediate sense of relief, of hope. My time with Hilary and Jen Rupp feels valuable. My questions are answered quickly, my concerns are immediately addressed. Sometimes we share a laugh. And yes, my investments thrive.My faith and trust in Hendershott feels well founded, and rewarding."


"We were able to meet our retirement goals"

"Hilary and her team have helped us reach our financial goals and plan for the future in such an approachable, understandable way. We had some bad experiences with financial planners in the past, but Hilary's team is responsive, knowledgeable and we trust that our investments are in great hands. With her help, we were able to meet our retirement goals and wisely pay for a vacation home we had always wanted. And she got us on the right track with our son's college savings. Hilary is committed to education and data - she helps you understand what money can do for you, and always provides sanity in the face of overly dramatic market hype.  Her team helps us answer any financial question you have or guides us in the right direction. We feel like Hilary is our family's CFO!"


An extraordinary financial advisor"

"An extraordinary financial advisor that talks in plain english, and outlines key steps to raise awareness of your financial "habits" (sometimes they can be surprising when distinguished), and get into action about creating habits that benefit you. Four months into retirement and I feel secure, and clear about my financial health. Thanks, Hillary!"


"She empowers and educates us at every turn."

"Hilary has been our financial advisor for a few years now and has transformed the way we look at our money, investments and retirement planning. She is more communicative and direct than any other financial planner we've ever had, and I love that she proactively contacts us when there's big news, rather than waiting for us to freak out or call her. Beyond retirement, Hilary even helped us put some systems in place to track our everyday spending, and her philosophy helps us focus on the future, while not depriving ourselves in the present. She empowers and educates us at every turn. Hilary never minces words and I appreciate her tough love approach. I finally feel like we have a true partner in helping us reach our goals!"


"On the cutting edge of technology and client communication"

"I have known Hilary for over eight years now, and we met in business school at Santa Clara University. She is (and was when we first met) an incredible advocate for investing for the long haul using a diversified portfolio tailored to a client's life goals. Once my wife and I had enough investable funds under our belt, she was our first call to help get things organized and invested in an appropriate manner versus the scattered approach we were using. She also is on the cutting edge of technology and client communication, and it made it super easy for my wife and me to get together remotely to accommodate our busy schedules. She is always professional, always prepared, and we are looking forward to taking the next step of more comprehensive financial planning with her in our corner."


"Hilary takes her time to understand YOU!"

"I met Hilary at a Women's Luncheon where she was the keynote speaker. I attend a lot of these events, and usually find the message or person delivering to be the same ole...ole...Not Hilary! Her message - was clear concise and easily delivered - TIP - now you don't have to be at a luncheon - join her podcast - Profit Boss Radio. Next TIP- if she offers a 30-minute consultation session - look into it! Hilary takes her time to understand YOU! (and your Family if spouse, etc.)"


"We feel very confident and secure"

"I would highly recommend Hilary! She is a thoughtful and proactive financial advisor with strong knowledge and understanding of the financial industry. For the last several years, she has skillfully managed our investments. Her approach has always been to inform, educate, and help my husband and me make sound financial decisions. We feel very confident and secure knowing that she understands our long-term financial goals and can help us achieve them."


"Professionalism, personal attention, care"

"Ive only just begun with Hilary and her team, however, what I've experienced thus far is professionalism, personal attention, care, attention to detail, and pure brilliance! Hillary is personable, witty, full of joy, and super smart! Looking forward to a long relationship! "


"She is no BS, tells it like it is"

"I first knew about Hilary from her AMAZING podcast, Profit Boss® Radio. She is so knowledgeable and I have listened to her for over a year. I just trusted her to give me the best advice. She is no BS, will tell it like it is but it is always so you are making the best decisions for yourself, and teaching, not telling. Her team is also amazing, any time I have reached out I have received an answer so quickly, with good information. I feel like working with Hilary is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and listening to her podcast gives me the tools to understand what is happening with current events and be very well informed. I have forwarded an episode to someone who is dealing with the topic she is covering SO many times and they have always thanked me. I cannot recommend her enough. And by the way - I'm on the other side of the country so don't let not being local stop you from working with her. One day we will meet in person and it will be magical. 🙂 Until then, my money is in the best hands in the business."


"Understand your money and make it work for you"

"I was referred to Hilary by my son in 2013/14. I needed to invest my money with someone that wanted to see my investment grow, teach me how to live within my means, and live debt-free. I also needed to trust someone to do that for me. Hilary took a personal approach to our relationship. We meet, went over my portfolio, and made a plan. Hilary and the investment team of Hendershott Wealth Management have my complete confidence. They want you to understand your money and make it work for you. Thank you for caring! You are Appreciated."


"Trust and shared interest in my goals."

"I started working with Hilary & Jen a few months ago. The process to onboard and transfer my finances to Hendershott Wealth Management has been a very detailed and comprehensive approach to all aspects of my financial life. Their commitment to me and my financial goals has gone above my expectations and in the short time that I've been working with Hendershott, I have been impressed by the level of communication, in fact, I've spent more time talking and learning from them than I have spent in total talking to any other financial advisor over the last 20 years. They are also amazing at educating and explaining everything along the way, and in a way that I can easily digest and understand. I've always had a passive relationship with my finances and advisors and now I realize the importance of having a much more involved relationship that involves trust and shared interest in my goals."


"Articulate and intelligent"

"This review is long overdue.  We interviewed at least 10 financial planners looking for someone to help us manage our finances as my husband retired. We selected Hilary because of her great reviews on Yelp and after 2 meetings, we knew she was the one for us. She impressed us with her knowledge and her positive attitude. She is very articulate and intelligent and she knows her stuff. From the beginning, we discussed how the market works (the ups and downs) and we are all on the same page. She keeps in touch with us, reassures us, and gives us optimism and peace of mind with these recent downs in the market. We are glad we found her and her amazing team and we are in it for the long run."


"So grateful I said yes to working with Hilary"

"If it sounds dramatic that working with Hilary changed my life, it isn't.  It's an understatement!  I joined Hilary's $50K Multiplier Mastermind Group in 2018.  I learned about Money Mindsets and Money Myths and it really helped me to discover what was in my way of financial success.  Once I uncovered that and was open to what I was learning, I did the hard work set before me to make monumental changes in my relationship with money.

I learned how to set up automation which was revolutionary to keeping track of my spending and my goals.  I am so proud of myself when I am told I have solid financials and a great credit score.  I am so grateful I said yes to working with Hilary and her team.  I trust them and I am confident in my financial future! "


"More than doubled my income"

"I can honestly say that Hilary and her team have changed my life.  Since enrolling in her 50K mastermind program I more than doubled my income, started my own business, and have a team of 3.  Hilary, Jen, and Alyssa have given me such valuable financial advice, I truly can't imagine where I'd be without them today.  I'm so glad to have Hilary and her team on my side every step of the way."


Here is what friends and family are saying about Hilary Hendershott and Hendershott Wealth Management

"Rest assured you are in good hands."

"I have used Hilary for all my financial needs for many years and she is amazing. She offers really unique reporting charts that tell you exactly how your stocks are doing so you always know how your doing on any given day. She also uses the latest tools and techniques to stay ahead of the market and her customer support is unparalleled. Rest assured you are in good hands."


"We have watched our wealth grow"

"Hilary has been our financial advisor for several years. We have watched our wealth grow under her guidance. We meet with her on a regular basis where she is always very clear as to our goals and suggests the investment allocations to meet them. We used to be quite nervous about turning important financial decisions over to another party. Hilary has proved over and over again that she is up to the task. I cannot recommend her highly enough."


"Very knowledgeable and extremely easy to work with."

"Hilary is the best! She is very knowledgeable and is extremely easy to work with. In the time we have had our retirement funds under her care they have done very well. We are confident that no one could do any better. Give her a call."


"Her passion is empowering women."

"Hilary puts her money where her mount is...I love podcasts...there are several I follow with great enthusiasm, but there hasn't been a podcast I've been more excited to launch than Profit Boss® Radio! Hilary is amazing at making the financial realm accessible to anyone and everyone. Her passion is empowering women. She invests in real people and helps real people invest in themselves.

You will love the way Hilary brings financial freedom into your reach by considering what really matters to you, breaking things down to the understandable, manageable, personal level, and inspiring you to be your best. You'll love this show!"


"Authentic, entertaining, and packed full of information"

"Hilary's podcasts are really fantastic. They are insightful, authentic, entertaining, and packed full of information. My husband and I often listen together, giving us a whole new perspective when talking about our finances and future. subscribed!"


"I can't wait for more"

"I just listened to Episode 74 and I loved how real Hilary was when she answered the listener's question in detail with such great advice. This gave me a lot to think about as a business owner. Profit Boss® Radio is a new must listen to the podcast world. I can't wait for more. "



"Yes!!! Hilary knows her stuff!"


"She makes finances approachable and fun"

"AMAZING podcast! Wow, there is so much information in Hilary’s podcasts. I have learned so much and I love the professionals she interviews. This is the perfect weekly financial advice you need. Hilary breaks it down in a way that we can understand. She makes finances approachable and fun."


"I started making more money in my business"

"The course opened my eyes to a whole new way of dealing with money. Since the course I now have 5x more money in my retirement accounts, I started making more money in my business while working 25% less at my job. The concepts are easy to follow and understand."


"Commitment to creating a world that works for everyone"

I wasn’t able to make the calls live, but having them available after the fact is cool. As to what I loved about Hilary’s course—I loved that she talked each session about her COMMITMENT TO CREATING A WORLD THAT WORKS FOR EVERYONE. The way she offers her course–person by person delivered in a way that works—I think we might actually get there."



"Yesterday, I realized that I had money in savings thanks to Hilary’s course to well cover the balance of my car loan so I paid my car off, TWO YEARS early. Just think of how much I’ve saved in interest!"


"Hilary is so personable and experienced"

"Hilary is so personable and experienced – able to offer advice on both simple and complex issues AND I never felt intimidated, to be honest about my financial concerns/issues, she made me feel comfortable and confident in all her answers and input."


Here is what people are saying about Hilary Hendershott and Profit Boss® Weekly.

"Persistent and creative approach"

"I've been reading and reviewing HH's emails and weekly newsletters since 2015. Her ability to engage and quickly connect with people has been quite impressive over the past few years, especially through this form of written communication. I really don't believe it's just a platform for an effective sales and marketing plan (although I suspect, this persistent and creative approach to increase market share has likely been extremely beneficial). It's apparent, however, her purpose and mission are much deeper than just a strategy to "win friends and influence people." I'm not sure about others, but after reading these weekly "ditties," I walk away thinking, "I wanna be more like Hendershott." Thanks to HWM and the richness within the message that's provided at no additional fee. Priceless just plain priceless!"


"I love her podcast and weekly newsletter"

"I have been following Hilary for over a year now. I love her podcasts and I love her weekly financial summary newsletter. My goal this year is to listen to all her podcasts and also check out each guest. Two done so far! She was also willing to work on me with a non-offered service and I am grateful for that."