EP 83 | How to Thrive Financially with Cheryl Hunter

Episode 83 | Profit Boss® Radio

Up first on today’s episode of Profit Boss Radio, Rachel Shipley fills us in about what to expect this Holiday Season. Where is your money headed? How are you handling debt, if any? Prevent the holiday spending hangover with a few tried and true Profit Boss solutions and do right by yourself! Not only will we address the common sources of holiday drama, but I’ll also answer a few “Ask Hilary” questions for couples who have savings problems.

Today’s episode is a rebroadcast of one of my very first interviews on Profit Boss Radio. My hope is that this interview inspires you to dig yourself out of some of the mucky, messy moments in life, and work towards your goals to help you thrive.

Where are you feeling stuck in your finances? When we think about our money woes, how often do we look at the events of our past to see how they shape our spending in the present? That is exactly what my guest, Cheryl Hunter, did when she decided to leave the modeling industry and pursue her own personal development business. Cheryl’s past was certainly harrowing; she survived an abduction early in her life, and yet was able to continue in a notoriously competitive industry. However, even when she found success, Cheryl never felt like she was “worth it.”

After much healing and personal work, Cheryl figured out that in order to be truly happy and fulfilled, we have to do battle with all of the limiting beliefs and thoughts that hold us back. Our attitudes about money can be changed. We do not need to stay stuck forever! We need only put in the hard work of looking in the mirror, and thinking about the places those false beliefs began.

Today, Cheryl remains as the founder of The Hunter Group, is the author of a new book Use It, and a speaker and expert on resilience. Her 5 Ted Talks have inspired millions of people to create lasting changes in their life using an accessible framework for success. Join me today as Cheryl and I talk about how resilience applies to money, and how no setback is too large for a small change in mindset.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why money problems are often “worthiness” problems.
  • Cheryl’s impressions on the modeling industry, and how that shaped her money perspective.
  • How Cheryl recovered from the abduction and then created a career out of leading personal and professional development seminars.
  • How to take the first steps in your own business endeavors and then create lasting change.
  • Cheryl applies her resilience framework’s to money principles.
  • Ways that Cheryl has been helping her clients with their money and personal goals.
  • Why we feel most fulfilled when we give back to our communities.
  • How to rewire your attitude about surviving to an attitude of thriving.
  • Cheryl’s advice to women who want to move towards financial freedom.

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