2 Surprising Traits of the Wealthy

Money and building wealth really are some of my favorite things to talk about.

See, the way I view my calling to create financial health and freedom for people is that it’s an empowerment campaign.

And, the truth is, financial health goes hand in hand with lots of other great things in life.

In order for money to come into your life and stay, long enough to grow and support you, you need to be making confident choices, surrounding yourself with good coaches, advisors and other successful people, and keeping an empowered mindset.

And I want to be part of all of that.

In my experience working with people at all financial levels…

There are 2 critically important differentiators that wealthy people have.

What are they?

  1. Wealthy people truly believe that anything is possible.Not in a pie in the sky way, but when it comes to money, wealthy people believe they have as much value as anyone else in this world and they see no reason they shouldn’t enjoy the wealth that they want.

    Mindset really is critical when it comes to money. Steve Siebold wrote a book called How Rich People Think after interviewing more than 1,200 millionaires and says he’s clear: being rich isn’t about money: there are plenty of wealthy people who have lost it all and built it back again. It’s also not about smarts. It’s about psychology.

  2. Wealthy people possess what is called a locus of control.This means they take full responsibility for the results they produce in life. They aren’t victims of their circumstances or anyone else.

    If they get results they want, then great. And if they don’t, they learn a valuable lesson.

    When you have an empowered mindset about money, you can expand yourself personally, emotionally and financially. If you don’t have or make what you want right now, first, look at what limiting beliefs you might have that are holding you back.

    Just like Steve Siebold did, try asking someone you know who is more successful than you what they believe and how they got to where they are, and know that every great journey begins with the first step.