EP 41 | Profit Boss® Radio | How to Turn Struggle into Success with Wendy Wallbridge

I hope that regardless of how long you’ve been listening to Profit Boss® Radio, you know that this podcast serves multiple purposes. Yes, I want you to learn concrete ways to improve your relationship with money; and yes, I do want you to get motivated to go out and earn everything that you deserve.

But I also want to open your mind to even more possibilities for what you can accomplish, and how good it can feel when you align your unique passions with what you can give to the world (and how you can get paid for it!). This vision is why I’m so excited to share my interview with today’s guest, Wendy Wallbridge. Wendy is an inspiring author, coach, and consultant who’s focused on helping people bring their lives into alignment with their purpose.

Wendy talks about her own journey from a hard-working and hard-playing young professional, to struggling with a lupus diagnosis, to a woman hell-bent on living more loyally to herself. Wendy talks about the difference between masculine and feminine strengths (which we all have, regardless of gender) and how she’s integrated the two to give her work even more impact. We also discuss the scarcity mindset that traps so many of us, as well as ways to train yourself out of negative thought patterns that can keep you stuck.

There is SO much packed into this episode, and to top it off Wendy has offered you a free gift – listen in, and text “SPIRAL” to 66866 to get it!

Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Wendy’s recovery from a 15-year bout with chronic lupus helped put her life in perspective and gave her insight into how a good life prioritizes harmony and balance.
  • Why traditionally masculine and feminine strengths are both important for well-roundness and success.
  • What makes up Wendy’s powerful framework for creating results in the world: The 5 Co-Creative Powers for Women on the Rise.
  • How you can use the 5 co-creative powers to shift your own reality, positively and permanently.
  • Why a supportive community is especially crucial for women who want to go further and reach higher than they ever have before, in life and business alike.
  • A challenge from me! Want Profit Boss® Radio to really change your life? Let’s support each other in the private Facebook group to use the process of co-creation to take on stubborn areas in life you are currently resisting!

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