What Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to Know

If you are reading this article, you live in better quality conditions than the royalty of the Holy Roman Empire.

It’s true. Our air is an ambient temperature, our food is refrigerated (and microwaved), our smart phones are an arm’s length away, we travel from one corner of the world to another in giant steel tubes that fly through the sky, and medical and nutritional science have extended our lives by decades. Simply put: commerce and economic development serves us.

So have you ever had the thought that the investment industry doesn’t seem to be keeping pace? Doesn’t it seem that Wall Street has failed to make life easier on you?

I mean, come on. Does your wealth building plan make you as unabashedly happy as your iPhone??

Here’s what Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to Know: The stock market seems complicated, and, in some ways it is. The economy is complicated, and can be intimidating. Wall Street is full of really smart people and the truth is, they want you to think that you need them, but you don’t.

There is a way for you to free ride on all of their intelligence and strategy and get all of the benefits, paid directly to you.

It’s actually easy, and inexpensive, to get all the benefits of Wall Street without paying the costs.

It’s my mission to bring this knowledge to you—I’m like the “anti” Wall Street.

I’ll be giving you this invaluable information, and much, much more in my upcoming FREE 4-Part Investments Mini-Series.

I’m so excited to be putting this together!

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I leave you with this inspiring quote from one of my investing heroes: John Bogle (founder of Vanguard):

For clarity: Inside my commitment to not use Wall Street Speak, I have substituted the following words with the word “companies”: equities, businesses and corporations. Enjoy!

“Please don’t underestimate the power of compounding the generous returns earned by (companies). Over the past century, (companies) have earned a return on their capital of 9.5% per year. Compounded at that rate over a decade, each $1 initially invested grows to $2.48; over two decades, $6.14; over three decades, $15.22; over four decades, $37.72, and over five decades, $93.48. The magic of compounding is little short of a miracle. Simply put, thanks to the growth, productivity, resourcefulness, and innovation of our companies, capitalism creates wealth, a positive-sum game for its owners. Investing in (the great companies of the world) is a winner’s game*.

*emphasis mine.

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