Who We Work With

Financial Planning & Investment Management for High-Net-Worth Women and Couples

Hi, it’s Hilary Hendershott, and our team works exclusively with high-net-worth women and couples who are great fits for how we approach generating and investing wealth. We embrace feminine principles such as compassion, empathy, connection, and love with zero reservation.

We are a dynamic group of knowledgeable, compassionate, ambitious, and wise financial professionals who love our work and our lives. But it’s not about us – we’re on a mission to see you thrive.

You likely already know a financial advisor who could help you with your investments. So, why are you here instead of on their website?

Because you need more than just a financial advisor. You need a true guide whose values align with yours, whose mission ignites your imagination. You need someone who will be there with you every step of the way.

What We Know to Be True

At Hendershott Wealth Management, we focus on values, vision, mission, and being the right fit more than any other factor. There are three key principles we believe to be true about you:


    • No matter your money history, you can have abundant wealth in your future.
    • Wealth has to mean more than money. We stand for people experiencing well-being, choice, dignity, adventure, power, influence, joy, and freedom.
    • You and the people you love can be empowered, happy, and able to achieve anything.

    If what we just described is you…

    If you’re nodding and smiling at what you’re reading right here…

    If you’re seeing fresh, energizing new possibilities…

    If you’re eager for a feminine-guided perspective on investing… 

    …the next step is applying to work with our team. There is no obligation to work with us – this is simply starting a conversation.