Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help all people thrive through workable financial advice.

We’re here so you can reimagine what is possible and step into your financial freedom.

We get that personal finance is an element of life often riddled with complexity and uncertainty. We also get the sheer amount of overwhelm that often exists between that space of earning a powerful income and making wise choices with what to do with it.

Making the most of your money shouldn’t be hard, and yet it is. Getting trusted financial advice shouldn’t be confusing, and yet it is. Living a life in total alignment with your personal missions and visions shouldn’t be impossible, and yet it so often is.

For all these reasons, and more, is why Hendershott Wealth Management exists. We’re here to offer the kind of financial support that prioritizes your passions, not just your dollars. That anticipates your questions, not just the bottom line. That protects your best interests, not just your assets.

Our shared values guide us in business and in life.

Our Values


It’s simple. We honor our word, we do what we say, and we make honorable choices that are always in your best interest.


Our work with you is all designed around your ever-increasing autonomy and self-determination in your life. That is what fulfills us.


The definition of grace is “simple elegance or refinement of movement.” We have built a practice and a business that embraces simple elegance. We eschew unnecessary complication. Each one of our financial planning processes has been refined thousands of times to maximize effectiveness and allow you to move freely in your financial life.

Fun & Ease

Business can’t be all serious. We create an environment that is open and comfortable – where you are free to learn, be yourself, and enjoy a community of like-minded women ready to live an unconstrained financial life.


To us, wisdom is combining our intelligence and experience so that you can thrive. It isn’t rigid but is instead responsive to the facts and applied according to your own unique situation. It is the beacon of reason behind everything we recommend for you.


We accept you. We accept ourselves. We value being in community with you and making your experience with us something altogether different than what you may encounter elsewhere. You invite us into your life, and we bring love there that inspires us to do our life’s work right alongside yours.

Together, we can accomplish amazing things. Apart, we can only go so far.

 Life is Too Short to Stand By. Accept Our Invitation to Thrive.