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Meet Our Team at Hendershott Wealth Management

You won’t find a more dedicated and passionate team of financial advisors. Confession: that’s one of the few guarantees we’re allowed to make as financial professionals

Imagine a financial firm of dedicated, highly experienced financial advisors. They have an enviable amount of financial education, a track record of impressive results, and a myriad of data-driven resources with real-life stories to guide any financial conversation.

That’s not wishful thinking – that’s Hendershott Wealth Management – and we’re all women who are unapologetically reshaping the financial future of high-net-worth women and couples.

Each of us is passionately committed to serving you better than anyone else in our industry. That’s who we are – and the future is limitless when we get to work with you.

Let’s Put Some Faces and Names Together, Shall We?

(With a Few Credentials to Match)

Hilary Hendershott, MBA, CFP®

Hilary Hendershott, MBA, CFP®


Hi, I’m Hilary Hendershott, founder of Hendershott Wealth Management. My story-and my self-confidence-hit rock bottom when I lost my luxury condo to foreclosure, spent all of my money (and then some), and drove my FICO score below 500.

That experience – and the compassion and financial wisdom I learned recovering from it – helped me revitalize how I think and plan for growing wealth in my life. It is infused in who I am as a professional. I now run a leading financial advisory firm for women and couples. With over 20 years of experience as a fee-only fiduciary financial advisor and stock market expert, I’m helping empower women and couples to take control of their financial future.

I started Hendershott Wealth Management in 2014 where my team and I provide wealth coaching and wealth management services for high-net-worth women and couples. I’ve helped women across the U.S. protect and grow their wealth while reducing – or even eliminating – their financial stress. I am also proud to be the lead coach for the Money Blueprint Program, our transformational coaching program that empowers business owners to fully understand the exact numbers driving their business forward.

This is the part where I tell you I’m also the host of the Profit Boss® Radio podcast where I get to share interviews and insight with actually actionable advice to help you in your financial journey. I’m also a TEDx speaker and regularly featured in the Wall Street Journal, NBC, ABC, FOX, DailyWorth, Forbes, and Investopedia.

I was recognized as a Top 40 Under 40 Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley and Investopedia has named me one of the Top 100 Most Influential Advisors in the US the past three years.​ After more than 30 television appearances, NBC gave me the nickname “The Investor’s Voice of Reason” as their go-to personal finance expert in Silicon Valley.

While I do have an MBA from Santa Clara University and I’m also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, my favorite title may be wife and mama. My husband Robert and I adore our daughter Harlyn who recently overcame childhood leukemia. Now she’s living a normal, healthy childhood and we are able to spend time as a family at our homes in California and the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. We’re loving life and see a bright future where we see people prospering, the world is thriving, and financial freedom is everywhere.

Jen Rupp, CFP®

Jen Rupp, CFP®

Financial Advisor

Hi, I’m Jen, and I’m a Financial Advisor, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, wife, mother, and friend. Before joining Hendershott Wealth Management in 2017, I spent 12 years serving with an independent wealth management firm in Indiana. What I love more than anything else about my role is that I get to work with clients.

Can I share a secret? I’m an analytics aficionado (read: numbers nerd), which means I love how numbers can work to make your money go further. It’s one thing to imagine the life you want, but it means that much more when you have the number to back it up.

That’s where my education and experience give me a unique perspective. I was the first woman to graduate from Bethel College with my particular degree in Economics and Finance with a minor in Accounting. This also seemed to be the future for me and I’ve wanted to be a conduit for positive financial outcomes in people’s lives for as long as I can remember.

With Hendershott Wealth Management, I can focus my expertise on our collaborative coaching and financial planning. This is my chance to help numbers be fun and fulfilling – and also enormously impactful – for everyone.

Alyssa Hause, CFP®

Alyssa Hause, CFP®

Ignite® Financial Advisor

Hi, I’m Alyssa, and I’m an Associate Financial Advisor, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, wife, mother, and Girl Scout troop leader. My career started in the banking industry, which quickly turned into a love of helping clients reach their financial goals. I spent the past 10 years doing financial planning with clients on their road to financial freedom. This is incredibly fulfilling to me.

Anything is possible when you have the power to achieve what you truly want. I personally know the challenges that growing families face with mortgage payments, saving for college and retirement, investing in yourself, and everything life throws our way. Encouraging and motivating clients along the way is one of the best parts of what I do!

Amy Hamer

Amy Hamer

Chief of Staff

Hi, I’m Amy, and if you told me I would get to help lead a team of incredible women who are some of the top financial professionals in the United States, I’d have thought I was dreaming. That’s until I met Hilary Hendershott. What drew me to this opportunity is how a relatively small team can be doing so much good for women, couples, and business owners.

Our team truly believes in what we get to do – and we love making a difference! The authenticity and genuineness for our clients and each other keep inspiring me to be better every day. Before joining HWM, I served as Chief of Staff at Coastal Wealth for 12 years helping lead a team of over 200 financial advisors. I graduated from the University of North Florida with my business degree (emphasis in finance).

When I’m not busy helping take HWM to the next level, I love spending time on the beach, being with my family, traveling, and playing with our Great Dane named Mack.

Zoe Wimmers

Zoe Wimmers

Director of Business Development

I love working with hard-working, intentional, expert, and service-focused individuals. That’s the very definition of the incredible clients we get to serve every day at Hendershott Wealth Management! As the Director of Business Development, I get a front-row seat to seeing how Hilary and our team of advisors guide clients in line with great values.

My role gives me so much inspiration to try new ideas, dig into what our clients truly need, and redefine what it means to be a wealth management firm. Before joining our team, I spent several years in the home financing/mortgage industry. I have my Series 65 Registered Investment Advisor license, which helps me translate the more technical jargon into “How can we help our clients better understand this concept?”

I’m an avid gardener and currently a UC Master Gardener. I also occasionally teach Hot Pilates and love working out, fitness, and learning more about living a healthier life. I have a beagle named Lucky, and we enjoy being outdoors, especially going to the beach or hitting the trails for a hike.

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