EP 129 | How Women Can Use Their Superior Leadership Skills to Advance Their Careers with Linda Smith, Esq.

EP 129 | Profit Boss® Radio

Welcome to episode 129 of Profit Boss® Radio! In today’s episode, we are unpacking the complicated reasons that hold women back from advancing in their careers. From gender bias and sexism to fear and insecurity, we untangle all the messy roadblocks that stand in the way of women rising to success.

If you have ever felt held back in your career, faced limitations placed on you by others, or have felt you or your ideas have been dismissed because you’re a woman, be sure to tune into today’s episode. This is a can’t-miss show full of staggering statistics that point to the value women bring to companies and our natural abilities to assume and succeed in leadership positions.

Not only does my guest Linda Smith, Esq. reveal the ever prevalent gender stereotypes that still plague every industry, but she shares actionable and useful ways women can overcome these known barriers to advance their careers as far as they want. Linda believes that women should be able to choose how far they climb in their careers versus being limited by the corporate culture that persistently holds women back.

Get ready to feel empowered as we uncover how women can use their superior leadership skills to advance their careers and reach success.

What You’ll Learn from This Episode

  • Why Linda thinks women are going backward rather than forward in their pursuit of career advancement
  • That women are actually playing by the wrong playbook – that by women trying to outmen the men or become a “mini man” is wrong and will never work
  • The playbook women should use instead to advance their careers and why it works
  • The two tools that women have at their disposal that are far more potent than sexuality: emotional intelligence and superior leadership skills
  • What emotional intelligence is and why women are better at it than men
  • What makes women better, more effective leaders than men but why more women aren’t leaders in business
  • Statistics on the financial impact women have on companies when they hold C-suite and board positions
  • What Linda wants women to know about how their skills can help them earn more money
  • How women can fight for themselves so they can go as far as they want in their careers
  • The biggest challenges women face in the workforce
    • gender stereotyping
    • self-limiting beliefs
    • fear of failure
    • early conditioning to be “well-behaved” and “good”
  • Hear Linda’s personal experience where she was stereotyped by men, her takeaways, and how other women can apply these insights in their lives  
  • Why women don’t need to be a guy or an iron lady, but how they can be better and faster than men
  • Linda’s practical tips for how women can use their leadership skills to move forward:
    • Suit up using emotional intelligence
    • Why confidence trumps competence every time.
    • How to speak up with confidence, and what women should never say ever again
    • How to effectively use body language to portray confidence and earn respect
    • Ways to step up and seize opportunities
    • What it means to show up and display your true grit
    • Why the most likable person in the room is never the leader of the room

About Our Guest Linda Smith, Esq.

My guest today is Linda Smith, Esq. She is the author of Smashing Glass and Kicking Ass,  Linda is a strong woman who found a way to rise through gender stereotypes within the  male-dominated legal profession and offers tips and takeaways women can use so that they can effectively rise to whatever position they want, be heard, and respected by ALL of their peers.

Linda led a successful career for years at the law firm O’Melveny & Myers where she often tangled with outsized male egos, including Mick Jagger, without ever breaking stride. Her tenacity as a cross-examiner earned her the prodigious title of “The Meanest Woman Alive.” And while she’s definitely the “meanest” to hostile witnesses or opposing lawyers who try to pull a fast one, outside the courtroom Smith is known for her sense of humor, fierce loyalty, and deep commitment to collaboration.

Now, Linda’s mission to empower ambitious women in all fields to use their talent, smarts, and femininity to reach their own pinnacles of success. Whether the challenge is defeating gender stereotypes, conquering self-sabotaging behaviors, handling difficult men, or attaining leadership positions, Linda draws on her own experiences and those of other highly successful women to show women how to come out on top by embodying the best, and most successful traits of women.

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