Diversified Investment Portfolios

Build More Than Enough Wealth That Lasts a Lifetime With Diversified Investment Portfolios

We know that people thrive when they reach financial independence –

  • When your non-negotiable needs are covered
  • When you have more than enough
  • When you feel free from the past and are able to live confidently

This is the end state we want all people to experience. It’s what motivates us daily, inspires us hourly, and emboldens us to run our practice differently than other financial advisors. 

We want you to live an abundant life, one that you are the author of, and that fulfills on your personal missions and visions for your life. In order to get you to thriving, we invest your money properly according to your goals, but also so you can earn as much money as you can with as minimal risk as possible.

A well-constructed investment approach that includes sound, tax-efficient strategies can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run. And that’s something anyone can get excited about!

At HWM, we don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Instead, we’ll get a snapshot of your current situation and manage your portfolio accordingly—keeping your most tax-efficient assets in taxable accounts and assets that aren’t as tax-efficient in tax-advantaged accounts.
Wisdom-Based, Research-Backed Investment Portfolio Management
Every portfolio we build for our clients is based on almost nearly a century of data, analysis, and research. Our Investment Committee is guided by world-class practitioners and leading academics like Dr. Meir Statman and Nobel Laureate Dr. Harry Markowitz. We are objective, and we help you make investment choices that are best for you.
Minimize Risk, Maximize Return with Diversified Investment Portfolios

We always start by getting a clear picture of where you are now. This includes figuring out what a healthy risk tolerance looks like given where you are and where you want to go.

Our philosophy seeks to manage and reduce risk through a prudent, four-step approach that includes:

  • Global diversification to capture global stock market performance
  • Investing in a wide array of companies to avoid over-exposure to any single stock, sector or industry
  • Combining different categories of companies and investments that respond differently to various market conditions
  • Mixing in high-quality, short-term bonds to smooth out market swings and your investing experience
Long-Term Focused Investment Portfolios
We know the fear of running out of money in retirement is very real. A long-term view and strategy protects you from short-term losses so you can retire with more than enough to last your lifetime. And, the best part, whenever you do feel concerned about your money and your investments because something happens in the world to rock the markets, you have a partnership you can rely on to talk through current events, offer insights and context, and help you make smart decisions with your money your entire life.
More Value
Lower Costs: Our investment portfolios cost .35%, far less than the industry average (some Wall Street portfolios cost more than 6%, that’s more than a 1,700% markup!)

Tax-Efficient: Our portfolios apply not one, but two overlays to help minimize your taxes on short-term capital gains and non-qualified dividend income. We also use tax-loss harvesting when appropriate.

No Conflicts of Interest: Since we are independent, fiduciary financial investment advisors, our clients never pay commissions and we always act in your best interest.

Make the Most of Your Money with Diversified Investment Portfolios