Who We Work With

Financial Planning & Investment Management for Women and Couples

Here at Hendershott Wealth Management, we are on a mission to see all people thrive. That means that all people are welcome here regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or physical ability.

As a women-owned wealth management firm that embraces rebalancing the way business is done with feminine principles such as compassion, empathy, connection and love,  our clients tend to be women or couples that share in the belief that there is a different, more humanized way to experience financial planning services. So, rather than shy away from these traits, we fully embrace them. It makes all people feel more comfortable and accepted here, and you are.

Life is too important, the financial issues are too delicate, and the overall needs are too personal to not have an individualized financial approach to your money management.

  • We don’t just plan for a financial future, we help you envision what is possible – and work toward that.
  • We don’t just manage your assets, we bring you into your wealth story and make sure you understand the decisions we make on your behalf.
  • We aren’t just a financial advisory firm, we are your partner that you can count on through any life event and transition – big or small.

We are the type of financial advisor you want to immediately call to share good news with like you got that promotion or you’re about to be a grandmother, are thinking about making a big life change and want to know how it will impact you financially, or just want to call because you have question about something and know we’re here for you, always.

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